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Momma Mina

Momma Mina

Hi! Welcome to my blog Momma Mina!

My name is Amina Bennett Nevels and I’ve always been told that I was a bit motherly…and now it’s official! I’m happy that you could join me on this adventure called Wifehood and Motherhood seasoned up with a bit of Self-discovery! I’m a Stay -at-home-mother to two daughters, Zo-zo (Zoe) and J-Buddah (Jada), wife to Mr. Nevels and I’m a Knitting Feign. Prior to becoming a full-time Momma and wife, I studied at Carleton College where I received my B.A. degree in English Literature and Spanish Language. I went on to receive a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from National Louis University and spent many years in event planning and professional development within the educational sphere.

Some years before Mommy-stardom, I decided to take the lesser known path as a Professional Jazz Singer (check out my album “Witness” on iTunes) and Certified Yoga Instructor where I used my talents to impart a sense of peace and wisdom to all who dared to listen. And while all of the aforementioned degrees and experiences were instrumental in my development, none have revealed more of who I am and what I hope to become than Motherhood. Finally, I’ve got a use for all of the “stuff” that I’ve done and the things that I’ve learned. Phew!

Momma Mina is a labor of love and a virtual place where my readers and I can seek to enlighten, educate and encourage each other on all topics ranging from optimal baby cuddling techniques and bee sting survival tips, to understanding hormonal dairy cows and breastfeeding Mommas. And for the die-hard Momma Mina fans with impeccable fashion sense, I’ve even made it easy for you to purchase a Mini Mina, which is my line of hand knit baby and toddler hats and accessories!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll stick around for the silly puns and the bits-o-wisdom that make Momma Mina more than just another Mommy blog…and more like talking to Momma!

See ya around!

Momma Mina :-)


  1. No, thank you Joe! I’m a little late to respond to this (I apologize), but it’s readers like you that encourage me to keep writing and keep digging for truth and understanding. Thank you for your kind words. Amina :-)


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