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What Time Is It? (Jord watch-product review)

By on May 23, 2016

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When I became a mother I didn’t realize how much time I would spend on the go. Besides saying “I Love You” my next popular phrase has become “what time is it?” As I rush the girls off to preschool, playdates, museums, swim practices, piano lessons, doctor appointments, and (if I’m lucky) Grandma’s house, I feel as though I’m constantly on a deadline.

It’s truly a race against time.

There are no rules for Motherhood, well, at least none as glaring as rule #1: Keep the kids alive! But every other aspect of the job is totally impromptu. Even the most visionary of Moms who have mapped out their kids lives from conception to college are forced to improvise. And so, after a long day of cramming in all the activities that I think are required of me as a mother, like clockwork, I collapse on the bed and take my first full, deep breath.

Jord Sully Series Watch In Action!

Jord Sully Series Watch In Action!

But the tide is slowly turning, it just took a super stylish and earthy time-piece to do it.

When a representative from Jord Watch Co. asked me to review one of their watches, my initial excitement was due to the fact that it was simply a cool looking watch! When I received the Red Sandalwood & Maple time-piece from the Sully series it was truly love at first sight. Every Jord watch is hand-crafted, hand assembled and made of the most beautiful woods. They’re special, they’re unique, and I’m obsessed. But as I continued to wear it, each admiring glance at the oversized bubbled bezel began to serve as a reminder of just how quickly time was flying by…and my inability to hang-on to it! So I started to make a conscious choice to slow down, breathe deep and enjoy it.

The tag-line for the Sully collection affirms that you’re “right where you need to be,” and I’m starting to believe it!”

So to my fellow Momma’s out there (and you know who you are), the Momma’s in the grocery line frantically checking out before another kid needs to go potty, the Momma who is running a few minutes late for school drop-off and pick-up, and to the Momma that feels like she should be there already, my hope is that you too can slow down and take the time to just breathe.

You really are “right where you need to be.”

How do you remind yourself to slow down and breathe?

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