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Why You Should Never Agree to be Photographed on a Whim!

By on Jul 2, 2015

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Do you recognize this meme of Jamie Foxx? It has been floating around the internet serving as a reminder to my fellow Average Joes to be selective about who captures our image.

Now I’ve taken absolutely wretched photos in the past, but an impromptu “photo shoot” on Father’s Day proved to be hands-down one of my worst!

10006955_10152672542961752_1013528385813145562_nIt was the perfect day for a picnic by the lake; great weather, great food and even better company. But as we laid out on the grass basking in our contentment we were interrupted by a gentleman lingering nearby with a camera.

Now I’d been nursing Sydney at the time (wearing my breastfeeding cover of course), and was a bit alarmed to see him inching closer and closer to our picnic locale.

Was he a perv? A peeping Tom? A Chester? Who knew!

So I whispered to Phil about our lurking stranger when suddenly he breached the silence and asked if he could take a photo of our picnic scene for the Hyde Park Herald Newspaper in honor of  Father’s Day.

We hesitated but ultimately agreed. I mean… could this be any more random?!?!

He immediately began taking a few shots, which I assumed were test shots because clearly we weren’t “ready” and I was still breastfeeding our baby. But before I knew it, he was proudly shoving the camera in our faces to show the image he’d captured in pixels. In my haste to unlatch baby and re-latch bra I nodded in approval.

Bad idea!

Fast forward to Thursday morning and my shower is interrupted by Phil remarking that the photo that we’d taken at the lake had actually made it into the Herald… and that unfortunately I wouldn’t like it.

Of course I demanded that he show me the photo and to my horror…


star-power - Version 2

YUP! That actually happened…


Are you bold enough to poke fun of and post one of your worst photos?














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