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Because Momma Know’s Best: Potty Training Snafu

By on Jan 28, 2015

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There’s been times when I didn’t listen to my Momma, and most of those times I wished that I had. But for the most part I’ve been a good steward of the advice that she’s offered me over the years. I figured that she’s seen enough in her years to be able to help me avoid both major and minor pitfalls. Why make life harder than it already is? You see, this Mommy/Daughter trust relationship starts at a young age, and while I understand giving your kids the space to make their own mistakes, there is something to be said about encouraging your kids to just trust Momma’s wisdom.

I’ve been trying to strike the proper balance between advising Zoe and Jada and giving them the freedom to make their own decisions. I let them dress however they like during the day, no matter if they’ve layered on 2 princess dresses and 4 tutus  all at once. They can play with their toys and read their books at any time, so long as they clean up behind themselves. And while I strongly encourage that they eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner at the proper hour, their refusal to eat at that time only means that their food is waiting patiently for them when the stomach rumblings turn into raging storms. Still, even with these choices, there are some pieces of Mommy advice they should simply adhere to.

Little Miss Jada learned that lesson this afternoon.

She’s been potty-training the last few months, and is a total Rock-Star! We started with her mini- Minnie Mouse potty and graduated to the grown-up potty, but with a ducky insert to minimize the circumference of the potty for her miniature bottom.

The suggested potty set-up.

The suggested potty set-up.

She’s also been encouraged to use her step-stool as a means for elevating herself to the potty with ease and control.

Well this afternoon, despite many of my warnings she opted to forgo the ducky seat and the step stool.

Just moments after she’d disappeared into the bathroom, Zoe and I were jolted to our feet by a deafening scream. Big sister Zoe beat me to the bathroom stating (in a matter of fact tone) that Jada “fell” and that she “can’t get up, she’s stuck.” I had no idea what I was going to see. Had she slipped and fallen in a puddle of her own urine (which honestly was not a long shot with her)? I was anxious about what I would see, and was hoping that it didn’t involve waste matter #2.

I appeared in the door only to discover that Jada had fallen into the toilet and was wedged inside. “I’m cold, Mommy!” she said, as I pulled half of her body out of the toilet. Her little tush was freezing from the toilet water, her shirt was soaked and her Big Girl pride was a little crushed.

Jada wedged in the toilet!

Jada wedged in the toilet!


“Jada, this is the reason why I’ve been telling you to use your ducky seat and your step stool!” I said. Because you know I wouldn’t be a good Mommy if I didn’t drill home the “why” behind my incessant instruction.

“Okay, Mommy!” She said, shivering as I washed her down with soap.

Now I don’t know if “Okay, Mommy” really means that next time she’ll follow my instruction or if she’s just giving me lip service like so many toddlers, teens and young adults do when it comes to Momma’s instruction. But if she knows what’s good for her, next time she’ll heed my warnings…otherwise she’ll land in another toilet bowl of cold water and urine!

Because Momma KNOW’s best!!!



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