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IL Pork Farmer Donates to Food Pantries Because “It’s The Right Thing To Do!”

By on Dec 31, 2014

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We’re all familiar with the value of holiday traditions. Whether it’s baking cookies with the family on Christmas Eve or trading the winter coats for bathing suits in pursuit of warm weather to start the New Year. Either way, it’s those Holiday traditions and experiences that stick with us through our youth and adulthood. My family and I are still trying to forge our own tradition but what’s most important to us is that the tradition is meaningful and encourages our girls to be socially conscious.

Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Illinois Farmer Brent Scholl who raises hogs alongside his brother. This year their family farm contributed 1000 pounds of pork to the Pork Power Program (the equivalent of 5 market weight hogs). The Pork Power Program is an organization that receives pork donations, processes them into 2 lb ground pork packages and then distributes them to 8 different food banks in IL associated with Feed Illinois.

Brent is also the President of the Lee County Pork Producers Association which also works hard to distribute food to their local food pantries throughout the year. According to Brent, He ans is family “are proud to help out those people who are in need. We are in the business of raising food for consumers. If we can help, then we give back to our community. I guess that’s just the way we were raised.” Brent and his brother have also instilled these same values into their now adult kids who as youngsters worked on many Pork Producer projects raising money or selling pork at various fairs. As a result he firmly believes that they too have developed a strong moral compass to help others in need.

I’m certain that the Brent’s family is one of a number of IL Family Farms that are using their business to not only support themselves, but for the benefit of others.

I’m still considering what impactful contributions my family might be able to make to society this Holiday Season and beyond, but for now we can start with sorting and donating the myriad of toys they’ve collected over the years. We’re no pork producers, but my girls are masters of pretend play.

Not so sure that Jada shopping amongst her toys bodes well for our big toy purge.

Not so sure that Jada shopping amongst her toys bodes well for our big toy purge.

What tradition(s) does your family practice during the Holiday Season and/or throughout the year?

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