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It’s a Happy Day!

By on May 2, 2014

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..or so I’m trying to convince myself as much.

I’m not feeling that happy glow right now. It’s got something to do with the fact that the Hubby did one of his famous Kung- Fu ninja “exit stage left” moves and left me in the Nevels Mad House this morning. I just put the girls down for their afternoon nap and after suffering through the whiny tantrums and the toddler bickering, the house is finally quiet. But I look around and all I can see is the apple sauce that was just splattered over my dreamy Caribbean green walls (which were coincidentally just wiped clean a day ago) or the other miscellaneous food residue that is smeared all over the floors that were recently swept and mopped. I can’t get past the dishes that were just washed…thanks to Hubby…and then dirtied again…thanks to Hubby. The pile of laundry splayed across every inch of BOTH couches that incessantly mocks me “Give up! You’ll fold before we’ll fold.” And frankly, it’s just plain crummy and gray outside.

It just doesn’t feel like a Happy Day.

And yet..all I can hear in the back of my head is Zoe’s voice “It’s a Happy Day…It’s a Happy Day…It’s a Happy Day!” It’s like a simple Psalm that she chants from time to time that always comes at the right time. Like after 2 hours of getting the three of us combed, brushed, dressed, fed and with lunches in tow just so that we can spend a few hours at the museum…or the park…or the grocery store; and other times when she’s anticipating a bowl full of popcorn or pretzels.



I’m starting to wonder if she’s subliminally sending me a message: “Cheer up ‘ole Chum, your selfless acts of love will pay off every year on Mother’s Day!” And yet, when she looks up at me…bright eyed, toothy, jittery and jumpy (because well…I guess she’s happy) and blurts out…“It’s a Happy Day,” I realize that IT IS!

I think I kind of need her to chant it again for me right now…but believe me,  I can totally wait until after she’s done napping.

What to you do to remind yourself that everyday IS “A Happy Day?”

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