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{Product Review and Giveaway} Zoe Preps for School With Her Yak Pak Lunch Tote

By on Feb 25, 2014

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I just received news that Zoe was accepted into a highly selective pre-school and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Phil and I survived the parent interview, Zoe thrived in the playgroup (despite the pressure of being in a new place separated from Mommy and Daddy), and little Jada kept her baby-cool even when she had just cause to turn up the heat.

I couldn’t be more over the moon about this new chapter in the fabulous life and times of little Miss Zoe, and thought the absolute best way to celebrate her budding independence would be to let her make her lunch (for the first time), and stash it in her new Yak Pak lunch tote in preparation for her first day of school.

She even crafted her own lunch menu: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple slices, and 2 animal crackers…because lunch is never complete without a treat.

She smeared the peanut butter.

She smeared the grape jelly.

Spreading the PB&J

Spreading the PB&J

She spooned the peanut butter into her mouth… then topped it off with a dollop of grape jelly.

Who says you need bread for PB&J?!?!?

Who says you need bread for PB&J?!?!?

Sure, this might not have been the most tasty PB&J sandwich, but this was a seriously proud chef wielding her spoon sporadically across those two slices of bread.

She then placed her sandwich, apple slices and 2 crackers in her new, super cool, black and blue checkered, insulated Yak Pak lunch tote. And finally, as she reached for the zipper I prepared for the typical frustrated and whiny “it’s not working Mommy” anthem that quickly ensues every action that requires motor skills and a bit of patience, but instead I heard the glorious sound of the zipper sealing the lunch tote shut. The Yak Pak zipper was not only sturdy, but its extended pull tab made zipping up the lunch tote a breeze for little jittery hands and fingers. Zoe had prepped and packed her lunch from start to finish and boy was she proud!

All Done!

All Done!

After we cleared away the lunch fixings, Zoe slipped her little fingers around the cloth handle of her Yak Pak lunch tote and strutted her skinny little legs and bare feet towards the front door. “I’m going to school now with my lunch,” she said.

I nearly cried.

I’ve got a few more months of uninterrupted cuddle time with my Zoe before she’s off to school with her retro inspired Yak Pak lunch tote… and I’m relishing every minute of it!

Off to Pre-School in just a few short months

Off to Pre-School in just a few short months

Are you looking to spice up your little ones lunch gear? If so, I’m giving away a super cool Yak Pak Lunch tote for the little one in your life…or keep it for yourself to make lunchtime a little bit “cooler.”

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