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365 Day Farming: Just Because It Feels Like -45 Degrees Doesn’t Mean You Can Call Off!

By on Jan 6, 2014

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Well “Hello” 2014!

Now a few days ago we welcomed the fresh snow blanketing our little city with hats, gloves, boots and holiday cheer. Let it Snow…Let it Snow…Let it Snow!

It gave us the perfect excuse to bundle up and head out for some seriously fun family time!

Heading out for some Family Fun!

Heading out for some Family Fun!

We frolicked and played…

Sledding with Papa Nevels!

Sledding with Papa Nevels!

…and when our fun turned into pure discomfort…we headed back in the house…

Jada's no longer impressed with the family fun shenanigans!

Jada’s no longer impressed with the family fun shenanigans!

…but now that the weather has taken a drastic turn, our family time is staying behind closed doors!

Today in Chicago we’re experiencing record lows of -15 with incredible wind chills of up to 35 miles per hour, the equivalent of what might feel like -45 degrees! According to Gary Schenkel, Executive Director of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, “Everyday activities may not be feasible. If you can stay indoors, please do so.”

And it seems as though folks are taking heed. Schools, museums and other government institutions have closed their doors today because “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Planes have been grounded and even Interstates closed due to frigid, icy conditions. You can’t even rent a Divvy Bike today to cruise down the slushy Chicago streets (because there’s always somebody taking a chance)!

But despite the freezing temps, there are some folks that don’t have the luxury of closing their doors on a day like today….FARMERS!


It’s a Family Affair!

For Farmers it’s still business as usual. The cows still need to be milked, the hogs still need to be fed and there’s a whole host of responsibilities that can’t just wait until tomorrow when the weather is more agreeable. In fact, local Illinois Farmer Holly Spangler shared that her Husband, John, left out the house to start his morning chores and returned shortly thereafter “for more of everything. More gloves, a second hat, another face mask. Another jug of hot water.” She went on to say that “-14 is actually painfully cold.”

…And I believe you, Holly…and there’s no need for me to confirm it!

So the next time you bow your head to pray and bless the hands that prepared your pot pie, remember Farmer John Spangler who braved this dangerous and blustery cold day to get the ingredients for your pot pie from farm- to- table!

Auntie Sharon's Delectable Pot Pie!

Auntie Sharon’s Delectable Pot Pie!

What are you doing on this insanely cold day?

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