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Fresh Fruit and Veggies for All (gasp)…and at better prices than Whole Foods (double gasp)!

By on Nov 16, 2013

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Let’s play can you guess that Grocer! I’ll post a few pics from a recent trip to a grocery store with my fellow Field Moms and you tell me what grocery story you think I’m in based on the clues in the photo. Ready…Set…Go!

Grab and Go Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Grab and Go Fresh Fruits and Veggies


and this…

Olive Bar

Olive Bar


oh…and there’s this too…

Fresh Fruit Bar

Fresh Fruit Bar


But wait…there’s more…


Deli Salads

Deli Salads


Yes! It just keeps getting better…

Fresh "Wild Caught" Fish

Fresh “Wild Caught” Fish


…and of course we can’t forget…




So any ideas on what grocery store I visited to get these awesome candids of yummy foods?

Does it remind you of Whole Foods? Dominicks/Jewels? Mariannos? Well the big reveal is that these photos were taken on a recent trip to Ultra Foods out in Wheaton, IL!!! Apparently every Ultra Foods will undergo the same store transformation as this one.

Below are a few points that I learned on my recent visit to Ultra Foods:

1. They’ve expanded their fresh food/perishable department, installed a hot bar, a salad bar and a    sushi bar and all at lower prices than most of its grocer counterparts.

2. They make many of their bakery items fresh (unlike some of their counterparts that sale freeze and  bake products).

3. Their butchers undergo a 7 year apprenticeship program.

4. Bruised veggies are sorted daily and donated to a peoples resource center.

5. They’ll fry, bake or grill any kind of fish for you while you wait! Talk about excellent customer service!

and here’s a bonus for all of you germaphobes (like me) out there…

6. EcoLab performs tests for Ecoli and other bacteria in the fresh food department once a month!

As you can see the grocery shopping experience has evolved. We can now purchase excellent products at lower prices. And while I’m grateful to Whole Foods for leading the grocery store brigade and having the forethought to transform the grocery shopping experience, I’m thankful that others have followed suit… but with lower prices.

Here’s to more fresh fruit and veggies…and at decent prices! Now if only they would build an Ultra like this one closer to home…

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