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Peash and Dank You (Please and Thank You) Will Get You Everywhere: Modeling Good Behavior

By on Sep 10, 2013

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The more that I witness the blank canvas that is Zoe becoming etched and scribbled with days, weeks, months and years of our time together, the more that I believe in the power of leading by example.


When Little Miss Zoe says “Peash, can I have 2 crackers, Peash,” I think to myself, wow, she’s exercising good manners… I taught her that! And when she smiles and mumbles “Dank You” just before she stuffs a heaping spoonful of applesauce into her birdy little mouth, well, you can best believe that I’m pleased as punch. When she whips out the comb, brush and headbands to style Daddy’s hair or attempts to breastfeed and change her baby doll, I think, that’s definitely my girl. And when I see her wrinkle her brow, wag her finger and sternly exclaim “No, No No, Jada” to reprimand Baby Jada for simply crawling about, well…I stop and I take pause…

But when she hastily squeezes between Daddy and me and boldly exclaims, “MOVE MamaDada…MOVE,” I think to myself, “Damn…I’ve got some more changing to do!”

Are you leading by example? Are you treating your children the way that you want them to treat you and others?

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