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How a Trip To Sleepy’s Confirmed that a Pillow Thief, a Firm Mattress, and Curious George are Ruining My Sleep

By on Sep 28, 2013

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It’s 2 a.m., everyone is in bed, I’m exhausted…but I just can’t sleep.

I know my inability to sleep is in part due to Phil’s claim to 5 of our 6 pillows to support and stabilize his 6 feet 4 inch body parts. I also know that a part of it is due to actively willing myself to sleep before Zoe wakes up in 3 hours to request a marathon of Curious George episodes, but in essence, the biggest reason for my sleepless night is that…well… my bed kinda sucks.

It was discovered during a recent trip to Sleepy’s, a mattress store that is taking Chicago by storm, which revealed that my bed is too firm, which makes me toss and turn, which then stirs Phil in his sleep, which spurs him to re-adjust and then pull the comforter, which makes me re-adjust and turn from the most recent position of comfort to another, and hence we cycle through wakeful sleep for hours without ever experiencing the bliss of REM cycle sleep.

(Sigh) It makes me tired just thinking about my sleep struggles, although, now I know I have a solution other than Benadryl and Nyquil!

As I cycled through multiple beds in the store lead by my friendly sales agent Vincent V., he continued to give me the mattress specs; some had surplus padding, some boasted tighter coils, others were comprised of memory foam (one of the most coveted bedding materials). He thoughtfully guided me through the selection process and was so knowledgeable about the ABC’s of restful sleep, and while it pained me to walk away without handing over my credit card and scheduling a delivery, I feel much more informed about how to select a mattress when the Hubby decides to join the “let’s-get-a-new-King-Sized-Bed Movement.”

I suspect he’ll be more apt to agree first thing in the morning…say 5:00 a.m. during Curious George.


That’s the kinda sleep this Momma needs!

In the meantime, I’m going to start the journey to deeper sleep by replacing my “stolen” pillow. Thanks Sleepy’s for the sleep diagnosis!

Wanna know my favorite mattresses? Well check’em out next time you head to Sleepy’s:

Tempur Pedic Cloud Lux King Set
Legends Luxury Plush Super Pillow Top King Set
Sleeping Beauty Kristen King Set

…and don’t forget the Tempur Pedic Pillow!

When’s the last time you had a good nights rest?

...and that's some good sleeping too!

…and that’s some good sleeping too!

More info on Sleepy’s:


Sleepy’s the Mattress Professionals, a privately-owned, fourth-generation company approaches 1,000 retail locations in seventeen states up and down the east coast. Its expansion into the mid-west is a key milestone in its accelerated growth trajectory. Sleepy’s is committed to making the world a better place to sleep while bringing an economic boost and job creation to every market it enters.


“Chicago offers an excellent mix of urban and suburban locations and a population that appreciates a high-quality, high-value shopping experience,” said Sleepy’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Lobb, “We look forward to offering consumers a fresh option when they shop for a new bed.”

Sleepy's logo

I have received a gift card to facilitate my visit to Sleepy’s, but all opinions are my very own!

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