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Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Still Lovin’ Quaker!

By on Aug 15, 2013

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Hey Folks! So remember the Quaker Oatmeal Campaign I did a week back where I expressed how over the moon I am about my Quaker Oatmeal? Well, as a result, I was invited to bring my family to watch the Chicago Fire Team scrimmage at Toyota Park, complete with breakfast and some awesome photo-ops. Here are the top 5 reasons why I’m lovin’ Quaker even more.

1. Quaker Fuels Community and Youth Development
Our visit came on the heels of this weekend’s Quaker invitational, which brought together thousands of youth players from the 130 Chicago Fire Junior teams across the country. It felt satisfying to associate with a brand that is actively supporting young people through opportunity and positive experiences.

2. Quaker Continues to Nourish and Fuel my Growing Girls!
The Nevels Clan arrived at Toyota Park excited to meet the players and 100% famished!!! We were escorted to one of their newest box seating areas and fed all kinds of Quaker goodness ranging from instant oatmeal with fresh fruit to oatmeal cookies! (yum). I think someone else got to those Quaker Soft Baked Bars because they were nowhere to be seen… and sorely missed. Still, we indulged in our beloved Oatmeal while our new friends and fellow Quaker enthusiasts looked on in amazement. “Yes I DO feed these girls…ummm…let’s just say they’re having simultaneous growth spurts.”

Zoe using her Quaker fuel to carry her doll Sharon to the soccer field

3. Quaker fuels my love of swag!
Following breakfast we were handed a pretty awesome swag bag of Quaker goodness and Chicago Fire memorabilia…

Left to Right: Quaker Perfect Portions Maple Oatmeal, Chicago Fire Cup, Quaker Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chicago Fire Mascot “Sparky”, Chicago Fire Notebook and Pen, Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

…and then we headed over to the practice field to view the scrimmage and to meet some seriously fit soccer players.

4. Quaker Fuels the Chicago Fire!!!
I watched in awe as the players ran, kicked, side-stepped, head bumped and body checked the soccer ball to one another. As one of my fellow bloggers Samantha Schultz noted, “this is what our muscles are supposed to look like,” and it couldn’t have been more true! These athletes were solid, lean muscle! Oh yeah, and the coaches ensure that they stay on the move by using devices like MiCoach which track each players performance through speed and contact with the ball.

A little bit of footwork
Power Kick
With Sean Johnson, Chicago Fire Goalkeeper and Rock Star!
From Left to Right: Papa Nevels, Sean Johnson (duh), J-Buddha, Momma Mina, Zo-zo and Zo-zo’s doll Sharon

5. Quaker Fuels ALL Healthy and Active Lifestyles
While Quakers partnership with the Chicago Fire Soccer club combines the power of whole grain oats and soccer to deliver it’s message about living a healthy and active lifestyle, their message is one that translates across all lifestyle choices. As we bid adieu to the players following autographs and photos, one player turned to us and said, “Now it’s time for yoga!”

I totally giggled! Now there’s a man after my own heart!

Are you fueled up on Quaker?

Click here to learn more about the Quaker Invitational.

*Please note that I have been compensated by Quaker for my review, but absolutely ALL thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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