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NAKED: How Blogging Diminishes Privacy Lines and Gets Us Talking

By on Aug 7, 2013

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Scene 1
Curtain Opens
Momma Mina wanders onto an empty stage, naked and clenching a rugged laptop. She squints her eyes to make out the sea of faces in the audience, but the stage light is so bright, it blurs the images into spots. She takes one bold step forward…

Momma Mina: Ahem…ahem (clears her throat). Umm…Hi! I’m Momma Mina and welcome to my life…
Audience: (silence)
Momma Mina: I just wanted to say that…wait….is anybody out there?
Audience: (single distant cough)

Curtain Closes
End Scene

My latest blog post, “The Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Flipping The Bird To Organic Milk,” has totally taken on a life of its own and propelled me into the exposed zone. It’s been 48 hours since its original posting and I’ve received over 28,000 page views and a host of comments ranging from “thanks” to “get your facts straight” to “I’m flipping your point of view the bird.” And as this emotional coaster has propelled me forward into a land unknown, I couldn’t help but reflect on the courage of my fellow bloggers who, before every blog post, are ready to shed anonymity and stand naked in the spotlight.

There are a host of bloggers out there sharing family photos, vacation plans and favorite recipes to their devoted readers. Some of us are sharing trade secrets while others serve up political and religious perspectives (the quickest way to controversy). The rest of us are sharing our views within the context of funny stories, self-reflections and anecdotes. Still, either way we dish it, the best bloggers are those that can develop a genuine relationship with their readers. For the reader, the relationship requires trust that the writer will be honest and forthcoming. For the writer, the relationship requires the reader to respect their viewpoint (whether they agree or disagree), and even be willing to share their own.

So now as I stand before you, (yes, still naked) without pretense or ego, I’m even more encouraged to continue shedding those scary “privacy” settings that block earnest conversation. It looks like a simple flip of the bird has finally got us talking!

Baby Jada Flips the Bird!
She was a mere 6 days old and had no idea what her fingers could do
…or did she?

Which Bloggers do you follow? Why?

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