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7 Reasons to Breastfeed and Why I’m No Longer Doing Them!

By on Aug 31, 2013

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The month of August is hailed as Breastfeeding Awareness month and while some Mommas are taking their breastfeeding to the streets, I’ve decided to celebrate by notbreastfeeding!

Yes, you’ve heard me right! I’m quitting breastfeeding to reclaim my breasts now that little Miss J-Buddah is officially a 1 year old!

I think J-Buddah was starting to understand the magnitude of turning 1

I think J-Buddah was starting to understand the magnitude of turning 1

Ya know, contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding isn’t as easy as turning on a spigot and letting the milk flow. It requires resilience to its initial discomfort, consistency to maintain milk supply, a commitment to keep baby healthy by eating well and limiting alcohol use (and of course no drugs), and some serious patience with baby and body during the weaning process.

And why would any sleep deprived, hormonal woman choose this you ask? Well for the following reasons:

1. Protection

We Moms can only do so much to physically protect our babies from all things unknown. So when the option arises when we can give our little ones the strength to fight their own battles…we do it! Early breastmilk (known as colostrum) includes tons of nutrients and antibodies to protect your baby. It’s not coined liquid gold for nothin’!

 2. Perfect Portions

A balanced diet just doesn’t get any better than this! Breastmilk has the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein to fatten up your baby calf with all the right ingredients.

 3. Smooth Moves

Talk about regularity! I’ve never met a constipated breastfed baby. Breastmilk is soooo easy for babies to digest. Just make sure you load up on the diapers (pun intended)!

 4. Breastmilk to the Rescue

Yes, Ma’am (and Sir), breastmilk helps fight diseases like asthma, diabetes and obesity. It’s also linked to lower instances of SIDS, which I imagine has something to do with the frequency of feedings. There’s always trade-offs, but this ones well worth the temporary sleep deprivation.

5. “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” – Benjamin Franklin

A 1.45 LB of Similac averages $24 a container! If the average bottle is about 4 ounces, this renders about 37 bottles per container, and if you’re feeding your babe nearly 6 times a day, then this container will only last about 6 days. So in a years time it costs $1,460 to keep your baby alive on a lean 4 ounces of milk per feeding. God help you if you’ve got porkers like mine!

So for all intents and purposes, lets just say breastfeeding Momma’s are saving money and makin’ it rain (pun also intended).

6. Enforced quality time

As much as we Mommas would love to simply cuddle with our new babes day in…day out…and day in all over again, the demands of life seem to always make round-the-clock baby gazing a bit of a challenge. But breastfeeding forces Mommy to sit down, kick up her feet and bond with baby…you might even manage to get Hubby to bring you a glass of ice water too!

7. Get’s mommy back in shape faster

Well what else would you expect if something were literally feeding off of you!

…and yet, despite all of the incredible aforementioned benefits, this Mommy is calling it quits and celebrating! After breastfeeding 2 babies over the course of 2+ years (12 months each baby with a mere few months in-between for pregnancy), these sweater puppets have taken their final bow and are bidding adieu to my chubby cherubs.

Here’s to celebrating my liberation with the fanciest, laciest brassiere that money can buy… and a very large and minty Mojito!

Yup! Kinda sums up how I'm feeling right about now! :-)

Yup! Kinda sums up how I’m feeling right about now! :-)

How did you celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness month?

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