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Sisterhood: A Love that Abides Beyond the Broken

By on Jul 8, 2013

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As I watch the girls playing this morning (Zoe singing and swaying to her own tune while Jada joyfully laughs and claps along), I find myself thinking of my sisters. And while some bonds lasted longer than others, I can still see each smile, and remember our shared humor. I remember quirks, hang-ups, let -downs and heartbreaks. Our running jokes are still signatures of our friendship, and the dedication that we afforded one another when we were all each other needed is still strong and ever present.

And just like sisters, I’m currently witnessing the girls’ playfulness quickly spiral toward frustration (as a well intended Zoe starts to lovingly smother a slightly annoyed Jada), and I’m reminded of unintended hurt and misguided trust that left some sisterly bonds tarnished and unkempt.

I recently read a friend’s novel entitled Beyond the Broken which speaks to the neglected bonds of sisterhood and the impending formation of islands that time, distance and inconvenience tend to forge. It shared glimpses of the lives of 5 friends reunited by illness, and although still bound by their love for one another, each emerged injured… changed… and relative strangers.

At times I find myself thinking that I too am an island, (at least my mind tells me that I am), but my heart knows better. While my experiences may be slightly different from my sisters, the sentiments are all the same. I share their humor, their hurt, their failure and their success; but I know that my actions fail to show it. And so now, I’m revved up and inspired by my little girls (and by the warnings of my recent read) to make a promise to myself and to my sisters to nurture our weathered bonds with the most precious resource I have to share…time.

Here’s to sisterhood, a love that abides beyond life’s trials, beyond our changes…beyond all that is broken. Hear, hear.

Have you spent time with your sister(s) lately?

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