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"Messy" Closets

By on Jul 15, 2013

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Last night as I prepared to go to sleep I realized how much of a mess our bedroom closet had become. It was the kind of deep down clutter that I just couldn’t ignore anymore; the kind of disorder that required purging from the back of the closet and then moving forward to make room for the new. Unfortunately, it was nearing 11 p.m. when I started this purge and so I was frustrated to see totes of purses and hats strewn about the floor, and folded maternity tees and dresses idly stacked on shelves from weeks ago. I was doubly frustrated to realize that my box of keepsakes and “good” books that had fallen from their resting place months ago were dying a horribly battered and confined death in the corner (thanks Phil). As I attempted to organize that area of the closet I stumbled upon one of my favorite books on healthy eating and discovered that it actually provided quick- prep daily meal plans (bingo), something I constantly struggle with as the guardian of all things food in the Nevels household.

You see, originally, I was frustrated (and a bit angry) sorting through all of that “mess,” only to find that there was something “good” waiting to be uncovered in the midst of it all.

So what’s my point? Here goes it…but you’ve gotta take the leap with me. Ready…set…go…

Is there something good that will come out of the “death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of his killer George Zimmerman” mess?

I told you it was a leap. But honestly, these two matters aren’t so unrelated. America has some closet cleaning to do. While only George Zimmerman can divulge whether or not the incident that transpired was the result of racial profiling, the situation itself certainly conjured up feelings of racial discrimination amongst citizens, and hence it remains a force to be reckoned with. Regardless of whether or not George Zimmerman identifies with his white or Hispanic origins, the murder of Trayvon Martin still sparks concern and debate over our views and treatment of one another based on our racial make-up. This is most certainly messy business.

Furthermore, the not-guilty verdict on Zimmerman’s Manslaughter charge, although handed down by a jury of his peers (5 white woman and 1 “ethnic” woman…hmmm), proved to be an unacceptable verdict for many citizens, the case exposed the legal bias with which blacks are treated in the judicial system compared to other races. Many have already referenced the unfairness in punishment between a Floridian Black woman who shot a warning shot at her abusive husband and George Zimmerman a Floridian White/ Hispanic male who stalked and killed a 17 year old Black boy. The Floridian Woman was handed a 20 year sentence and George Zimmerman was acquitted with “no further business to the court.” The case also sparked public outcry regarding the distorted views on how the judicial system views the abuse and death of Black men (and boys) versus that of animals; now that’s messy business.

I don’t dare to presume what will come of this “messy” closet, rank with racial inequality, profiling and judicial partiality, but I can say that America is starting the process of spring (or rather mid-summer) cleaning. Individually and collectively this case has forced us to search ourselves and see what’s stashed way back in the dark, cob-webbed corner of the American closet… and from the looks of it, I think a lot of us are ready to start purging.

Are you prepared to do some major closet cleaning?

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