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Brawlin’ Baby

By on Jul 18, 2013

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A crazed Jada battling the pain!

I’d started to think that the girls had it out for me! They’ve been waking up incredibly early to infringe upon the self-proclaimed Me-time that I’ve been working so hard to protect. In the last few days my 4:45 a.m. start time has been heisted by a dancing Diva (see Tuesday, July 9th post) and a milk monster. And while I still haven’t figured out what spurred Zoe’s early morning dance-off, I’ve finally figured out why Jada has been so restless…she’s sprouting a tooth!

It’s got to be hard work growing a tooth! I mean…you’ve got to sit there and wait; a concept that even the most disciplined of us struggles to maintain. So yesterday as she quickly descended from laughing and giggling with Mommy, to air-boxin’ and brawlin’, it finally dawned on me that maybe it wasn’t me she was aiming for (phew)…it was the pain!

…and she’s probably also annoyed that I’m snapping photos instead of  comforting her…

We’ve been indulging in gum massages, frozen fruit, rubber thingy-me-bobs and a host of other remedies suggested by some sympathetic Moms out there (thanks for the advice and well wishes), but ultimately we’re gearing up to just wait it out.

While I know the ultimate gift is that we’ll both be better for having gone through this, (an even more patient Mommy and a meat grinding, veggie chompin’, buddah-bellied Jada), I’m already anticipating our celebration dinner…STEAK (or maybe more chicken)!

What kind of hurt are you waiting out? Can you envision your impending celebration?

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