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You Are What You Eat!

By on Jun 27, 2013

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Today after a failed luncheon date with my Auntie and baby girls in a small, hot, off the beaten path Brazilian Restaurant, I realized something about myself that hadn’t really resonated with me before…  I don’t really value my health (Insert dramatic pause here ______ as I swallow half chewed steak and rest my fork and knife on the plate).

Zoe gives her hair a fresh fruit deep conditioning treatment

Sure I try to eat healthy time and time again. I’m no stranger to oatmeal for breakfast and a big salad for lunch. I try to avoid junk food in the form of candy and preservative riddled baked and frozen snacks.  I’m not a total carnivore and I could easily live off of beans and rice. But honestly, I realize that there are some foods that I consume when I’m dining with friends or family that I honestly wouldn’t feed to my daughters. Instead, I’ll gladly shove fresh fruit, sweet potatoes and steamed carrots there way.

A happy Jada dining on sweet potatoes in times past

 So today as we sat down in what I now deem as culinary hell, I looked at the buffet of food before us and thought: These beans are too salty, the rice is too oily, the biscuits are too greasy and what the hell is in this mystery shrimp sauce? I just couldn’t in good conscious feed this to my girls (even if I had forgotten to pack the back up applesauce)!

Jada never likes to see an empty bowl

And honestly, if I didn’t feel comfortable feeding it to them with the expectation that it would provide fuel and nutrients (and not leave them with 3rd world dysentery) why would I feed it to myself?!?!?

So hear me today and please hold me to this vow to treat myself better, to never frequent establishments that serve food that I wouldn’t want my girls snatching off my plate, and to put my oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Because the rest of my days are going to feel like this one!

Are you making good diet choices for a long healthy life?

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