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By on Jun 6, 2013

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Ahhhh…Vacation! When one thinks of vacation they think of sunny blue skies and equally blue water, hiking trails and bike paths. One thinks of a clean, fun getaway with nothing to do but enjoy your surroundings.  Well Sheesh! Our recent vacation get-away to the Coast of Maine was anything but what we saw above…well at least when it came to our vacation rental. I was happy anytime I wasn’t in our vacation”home” (the word makes me puke now)!
So check it out! It looks inviting right?!?!?! Sure the wraparound deck is a nice feature…but don’t sleep at night. Once you head downstairs to the living quarters there is badly soiled linen, protruding nails, splintered doors that don’t close with nails sticking out the hinges. While staying at the home we had a major leak from the bathroom sink because the piping was so rotted. After an 8 a.m. flight to Boston (from Chicago), and 3 hour drive to Maine with a 2 year old and 9 month old in tow, we arrived to find a nice wraparound deck…but a hell hole below deck. My family of 4 stayed in the “In-Law Apartment” which was a spider den. The space hadn’t been cleaned at all! There were fixtures hanging over the bed that were draped in spiders and webbing. After seeing that the sheets were stained, threadbare and yellowed… I begin washing bedding…ON MY VACATION. After seeing the disrepair of the house I had no idea what my family and I were resting our heads on. I was disgusted. 
When I brought the concerns to the owners attention (who up until issues arose was very easy to work with) she apologized and continued to say I just don’t believe it! Well believe it! Apparently, the owner doesn’t frequent the rental. In fact, the cleaner (who came to refresh the house with a mere paper towel and spray bottle in hand) even mentioned that she met the owner for the first time last year! The maintenance guy who she referred us to even said, that we shouldn’t have rented the place, that it is poorly managed, and that we should have rented places across the way that are better cared for. After multiple emails back and forth to the owner I was told that I received a good deal considering the distribution of the rental fee amongst family members…and then she proceeded to share the math with me!!! I was totally insulted. Regardless of how the money sorts out, a family with members ranging from an 85 year old Grandmother to a 9 month old baby should not have to sleep under bio-stained sheets. Sara Egan and family should be ashamed of themselves and they should issue me a refund. I’ve taken the time to compile photos for your viewing pleasure. This place ruined my vacation…had I known I would have paid 10x’s more for a clean safe place to rest my head. A view means nothing to a worried, tired Momma! Totally Mislead…NO STARS! p.s. Notice that there are no photos of bedrooms and no close-ups!
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