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Shake it up!

By on May 8, 2013

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There are few things in this world that will properly distract Zoe when I’m trying to complete a task and they are as follows: Daddy, balloons and well…Daddy.

So when I got off to a late start last night at prepping dinner with neither Daddy nor a single balloon to turn to, I thought it was the perfect time to pop in a new dance CD that I’d been charged with reviewing  called Shake it Up: I <3 Dance.

Now Zoe and I typically have dance offs to fun music when clearing away toys, and tend to Zen out to the medley of lullabies on Pandora Radio during our coloring sessions, but in every instance I’m required to be right there sharing in the moment by holding her hand, spinning her in circles or simply singing along. I had no reason to suspect that this music fest would be any different, but I was in desperate need of an early evening pick-me-up and in dire need of a Zoe distraction.

I popped in the CD, cranked up the volume and the techno beat hit her like a thunderbolt. Now I’ve always known that little Miss Zo-Zo loved music and dance, but this was the first time I’d ever played a high energy fun song that didn’t include instructions to wave arms and clap hands. Instead, the toy piano and kiddie chorus lines were replaced by some serious drumbeats, syncopation and “clean” catchy lyrics.

Zoe was in a trance!

She jumped and stomped and spun around in circles. She did a few froggy leaps, some graceful pirouettes and then corkscrewed down into sheer breakdancing…and it was pure comedy! She loved that I smiled and cheered her on and I loved that I could steal a few moments to hurriedly chop veggies and pull together a Hail Mary stir fry. Voila! Dinner was served.

When Papa Nevels arrived home from work and spied Zoe working it out on our newly christened dance floor, he turned to me and asked about the “new” music I was playing to which I responded “It’s our new Zoe distraction…let’s eat!”

Thank you “Shake it up: I <3 Dance”… well, I <3 You!

What do you use to distract your kiddies when you’re multi-tasking?

fyi- this is a sponsored review

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