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Motherhood…The Best Occupation in The World!

By on May 13, 2013

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I just don’t know if it gets any better than this! I mean…this was the bestest…most fant-abulous…most awesomest Mother’s Day ever. It was so much so, that I had to make up 3 adjectives to express just how ecstatic I’m feeling right now. Can you tell I’m happy!

You see, as if it weren’t enough that Phil did our grocery shopping for the week in the wee hours of the night last night to spare me from having to shop on Mother’s Day Sunday, he awoke early this morning  to prepare me my favorite breakfast foods: a fluffy omelet, croissant and fresh fruit and then proceeded to stand by and ward off Zoe’s little fingers from invading my plate. Meanwhile baby Jada so graciously afforded me even more time to graze on my special Mother’s Day Breakfast because she awoke nearly 90 minutes later than usual. Furthermore, today’s Mother’s Day service was an incredibly uplifting sermon on the true value of Motherhood and it was followed up with an incredible Mother’s Day Brunch at the Omni Hotel (which is now our favorite restaurant). It boasts incredible views, incredible food and incredible service. The girls were on their best behavior and when we left with full bellies and toothy grins, I also left with a couple roses and sunflowers in hand. :-)

We returned home and while I prepared Jada for her nap, Zoe made her way upstairs with a pink balloon in one hand (which she dared not part with) and a Pandora gift bag in the other. According to Phil it was only fitting that I should get a Mother of Pearl necklace on Mother’s Day… and of course I agreed!

And as if all of this weren’t enough, as if my heart weren’t already overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving… after months of failing terribly at potty training Zoe, Phil and I witnessed 2 separate instances in which she pee’d and poo’d in the potty!

I nearly fainted…

…but then I thought it would behoove me to dance, clap, and dispense high fives so Zoe could do it all again tomorrow!

What more can any Mommy ask for than having a little recognition and a little proof that you’re making an impact on your ducklings? I don’t know about you Mommies out there, but that was certainly all that I needed!

Did you enjoy your Mother’s Day? Are you reaping the fruits of your harvest yet?

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