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A Bit of Momma, A Bit of Papa and a Whole Lot of Zoe!!!!!

By on Feb 7, 2013

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My little Zo-Zo is now 2 years old and well…like every Mom I’m just speechless as to how quickly the time has flown…well…sorta speechless…

Zoe turned 2 years old on February 5th. I feel as though I just had her. I felt like I’d been emblazoned with a big “M” for Super Momma after the labor I had birthing her; I could conquer the world. My husband, mother, midwives, nurses and doulas were all astounded as to how long the labor was and how much of it I managed without the assistance of pain meds. And now-a-days out of what I’d like to think of as respect and homage, Phil will sometimes remind a “seemingly” clueless Zoe as to how much pain I went through to get her here. Still, after his winded testimonial, I can almost see her shrugging as if to say “Well I wasn’t ready yet…don’t rush me!”

It’s true, just take a good look at the photo above! Zoe is a bit stubborn (like her daddy) and only likes to do things when she’s good and ready! She’s not easily persuaded by visions of grandeur, chocolates or flowers or even a Grandma who will easily shuck and jive for her if only she’d crack one of her winning smiles. She’s cautious and a bit introspective (like her momma) and seems to think things through a bit before leaping into new territory. She doesn’t like or dislike you because someone else does, she’d rather know you for herself and just because you’re family doesn’t mean you get a pass into the “circle of trust.”

But with that said, if she lets you get to know her you’re bound to be wrapped up in her infectious giggle and her nap-time songs. You’ll fall in love with the way she sighs and pats your back when she’s giving you the biggest and best hug and how she’s so determined to snuggle with her sister (“I’ll hold her!”). You’ll enjoy reading her stories as she’s an avid reader (or picture looker-atter) and you’ll be shocked at how she genuinely enjoys her oatmeal, fresh fruit and her apple sauce.

My little Zoe is only 2, but it seems like she’s been with me forever! I’m excited to be a part of her life and watch her blossom into a beautiful extension of Phil and I so long as we’re blessed to be on this fragile little earth.

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Here’s to many many more!!!
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