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Fight The Powers That Be!

By on Jan 1, 2013

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I spent the bulk of New Years Eve wrangling the kiddies and paying bills. And honestly, I had an easier time deciphering the mystery of Zoe’s gibberish and Jada’s coos than I had deciphering our overinflated Mortgage, the quadruple priced hospital bills and the miscellaneous insurance coverage that we have yet to tap into. As Phil and I toasted into the New Year, I was thankful for the many blessings of 2012 and the years passed, but somewhere between the cornea of my eye and the optic nerves I’d dropped the red theatre curtains. There were some things that I didn’t want to see or deal with. There were some financial issues that I’d left to hope, chance and prayer…

Growing up, I was a saver. I never received allowance or money for chores, but I managed to save all of my birthday and Christmas money to buy my very first bike. I wasn’t the young adult who maxed out a credit card because it “appeared” to be free money. Instead I built my credit by using the card and paid the balance immediately (sometimes even before the bill arrived). I’ve worked and saved my entire life since the age of 16. During the first year of my first official job, I saved upwards of $10,000 to put towards purchasing my own home. I was the type to stay on the customer service line until I was provided an answer that was acceptable by all common sense standards. But as I became more entrenched in the economics of marital bliss, bouncing babies and “living a fulfilling life,” I lost a bit of my fight and my due diligence. I lost track of my finances.
So this morning when I awoke the first thing I found myself talking about with Phil was our mortgages (yes there are 2 of them…yikes) and our medical bills. And so I am taking this as a subconscious sign that these are the two areas that I need to tackle this year. They have rendered me the most headache, the most confusion and the most anger. Like most Americans who purchased homes pre-2009, our mortgage is upside down and like most Americans who have high deductibles on their insurance, our deductibles have been so conveniently maxed out on the 1st or 2nd visits. And hence a few Internet searches lead me to some helpful sites, one of which outlined the actual medical costs for services. Apparently a simple 20 minute ultrasound on baby Jada, billed at $1,000 really only cost $184!! Who knew…I certainly didn’t. 
And so this year I’m focused and poised for the battle of a lifetime. I’m going up against a system that has been constructed to keep me and my growing family in debt so that a few choice families can ride us like horses into the Western sunset. I’m not proud or boastful and I like to let the fruits of my work speak for themselves; but I’m making this declaration to you because it also holds me accountable for reaching my goal. Feel free to follow me this year as I traverse shaky and new ground. I’ll share what I learn with you, but be prepared for tears and tantrums mixed between the lines. With due diligence, prayer, and regular hugs and kisses from my little princesses, I intend to move our family from a “fulfilling life” to a “fulfilling life with financial success.” Cheers!
Are you making some big changes this year?
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