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Mini Mina’s Baby and Toddler Knits

By on Dec 5, 2012

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I believe that every newborn and toddler should sport a fun hat that’s comfortable, easy to wear, makes Momma smile and serves as wedding blackmail photos…which will also make Momma smile! Some of you have seen how I thoroughly enjoy making my daughters wear fun get-ups. From dressing them in matching Team Nevels onesies on their birth day… 

to adorning them in crazy fun hand-knitted hats. 
My Mini-Me’s have inspired me to start a collection of hats called Mini Mina’s (shout out to my Momma Bear for the name)!
Well seeing that Jada is still in the beginning stages of growing out her lovely locks, we’ll have to follow Zoe through her photo hat journey. Ready? Okay, here we go…
Every toddler wears and needs a good hat! This is especially important if you live in a windy frigid city like Chicago where the elements berate us whenever we dash to the car, to the grocery store, to the zoo, to the park or wherever else us Momma Bears go with our Mini-Me’s. As a Mommy to a growing babe, my problem was that as she grew…so did her hair!!! 
Soon after adorning Zoe with her cupcake hat, 
her hair begin to push it off of her head! I knit her a Rasta hat… 
and while that worked for the time being, it was soon not enough to contain her Curly-Q’s. I ventured into the world of hat and coat combo’s and well…you can see how that overstuffed combo worked out…

As time went on and ponytails were definitely in order to tame the mane, her hats begin to squish the 15 minute ponytails that I’d so lovingly sculpted on top of her head. And of course once we’d arrived to the store, the play group or even to church a quick removal of the hat left my Zoe looking and “feeling” frazzled.

I’d finally had enough this summer when I couldn’t find a decent hat to block the sun from roasting her scalp and so I resorted to this solution…
But of course this hat was reserved for indoors only.
As Fall came upon us, I remained on the lookout for the perfect hat to fit Zoe’s tresses and after one more failed attempt at finding a hat (check out Zoe’s face as she gets her Rasta hat re-fitted on her head), I decided to make something that would fit. 
Enter…Mini Mina’s Ponytail Hats! 
Yup, I finally knit the perfect hat for my Zoe’s tresses that doesn’t ruin her stylish hair and doesn’t require adjusting and re-adjusting. It’s perfect for us Mom’s that like our daughters to look their best when they leave the house and when they arrive at the planned destination. It’s perfect for Moms that have daughters with Curly-Q’s, a lot of hair or even a little hair (well, enough to make a ponytail). And its fun and incredibly cute for every toddler…or at least every Mom of a toddler!
Of course I haven’t forgotten about the littlest of the Nevels. She’s still wearing her baby hats (which are also in the product line-up), but if her tresses grow to be anything like her Big Sister Zoe (which from the looks of it she is well on her way), she’ll be wearing them too. In the meantime, we’re sticking to bonnets
 and flower-power!
To check out the fabulous collection and to place an order for the baby or toddler in your life go to 
Every hat is handmade and special… just like your little one!
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