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By on Nov 26, 2012

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Tonight I made a pact to do something special for myself everyday this week.

It might sound simple to you, but finding the time to do anything that isn’t Zoe or Jada related is pretty tough these days. In fact, I hadn’t even realized how little I’d been doing for myself until my incredibly awesome beautician, who I hadn’t seen in 3 months and was in desperate need of a hair trim, refused my money and instructed me to do something special for myself with the money. I was told not to buy anything for the household or for my daughters with the cash. I was prohibited from buying yarn with which to knit or anything that wasn’t directly for me. I felt selfish keeping the money for myself and even found myself confessing to the hubby that I had money burning a hole in my pocket.

All weekend I stewed over what to do with my $50 bonus. Should I buy a new shirt or dress or even consider buying jeans? Instead, on a trip to Whole Foods tonight I decided to buy an oatmeal bath soak and Chchuchu, a superfood mix to boost my immunity and prenatal vitamins. I know…I know…totally not flashy but it proved to be the perfect splurge.

You see I’ve been sick for the last 3 weeks or so thanks to Zoe and her fellow germy baby friends. As a result I have a lingering dry cough that keeps me awake and shakes my lungs every time. It was time to take care of my health so that I could be healthy enough to chase my little ones.

I spent

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