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A Sound Mind

By on Nov 13, 2012

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This evening I watched arguably one of the most disturbing movies ever made. I know that’s a bold statement given today’s media obsession with excessive blood, guts, machine guns and bombs, but if you have seen the movie “Bug,” I think you might also agree. It’s an “R” rated movie not fit for kids or fragile minds.

The premise of the movie is that a battered woman who is depressed and grieving the loss of her child and fearful of her ex-husband is introduced to a seemingly sane and intuitive man. He claims to be incredibly perceptive of people and proceeds to tell her that she is “lonely” to which she responds by letting him stay the night, letting down her guards and letting go of all common sense. After all, only a mind-reader would know that a host of empty alcohol bottles, hard drug use, a grunged-out house in the middle of nowhere and the absence of family and friends equals loneliness.

Needless to say after a night of romping around, he never leaves!

As the movie proceeds he begins to see bugs invading her home and though she doesn’t really see the evidence of them, she still affirms what he is saying, so much so that she convinces herself that she sees them too. The remainder of the movie unveils a downward spiral of self-mutilation and schizophrenia.

Okay….so maybe this wouldn’t be your first choice in movie, but stick with me here. The movie, although gruesome and far-out, serves as a reflection of some male and female relationships. Unfortunately, its not uncommon to find a woman so heavily under the influence of a man that she willingly deceives herself. How is it that as women when our mind, spirit and heart are the most vulnerable, we’re the most willing to let our guard down? Its an oxymoron, wouldn’t you say?

But then I’m reminded of God’s punishment to Eve following her tragic fall from grace. Apparently, she and all of her descendants would not only experience pain in childbirth (to which I most certainly can attest to), but “[her] desire will be for [her] husband, and he will rule over [her].” (Genesis 3:16) Now whether or not you’re a religious or non-religious woman, I think many of us can attest to witnessing or being under the mental influence of a strong male figure at some point in our lives. I admit, there was a time when I wasn’t dating or married to Mr. Nevels and I dabbled in unhealthy relationships…(gasp). In fact, there isn’t a woman that I know that hasn’t fallen prey to a man and wondered to themselves “are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Can we really escape what we’re hardwired to be? Do you even believe that women are hard-wired to be this way? How does one train up a child to avoid the pitfalls that seemingly every woman falls for and what tools do you give them to dig themselves out?

I’m not totally sure where I’m trying to go with this. I suppose my ramblings are caught somewhere between the power of the mind and the relationship roles of men and women. My revelation isn’t so new and I’m not trying to conjure up fear or worry or a dismal outlook on relationships, it’s more so a reminder of the importance of guarding our minds. It would seem that once the mind is protected the rest of the body and being will follow suit…in theory that is.

I won’t give away the end of the movie because I definitely think it’s worth seeing, but it suffices to say that the main character, played by Ashley Judd, completely lost herself.

As I head to bed tonight, I’m committing to a new mantra of asking God to protect my mind and give me discernment and wisdom; I’ll keep you posted on how that works out for me.

What’s your mantra for protecting one of your most prized possessions…your mind?

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