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Sheena Beana aka BBB

By on Oct 27, 2012

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I’d originally started today’s blog on the subject of… (you guessed it)…Zoe and Baby Jada, but the subject matter quickly changed when I took a short walk down memory lane.

Last night Phil and I went out for the first time without the girls. My Mother and Aunt kept our little bundles while we headed out to a Halloween Party. To be honest it was probably our first party since Jada’s birth (and quite possibly since Zoe’s birth too). That night as we ate, drank and became increasingly merry, I caught a glimpse of my past life of social gatherings amongst our friends; Grilling up burgers during the summer and hosting Game Nights during the Winter months, singing in clubs on the weekend and late night Jam sessions on weekdays. And through it all I could always count on my Best Friend Sheena to be right there and ready for pick up in 20 minutes or less!

Sheena (aka Teshennia) has been my Best Friend since childhood, 6th grade to be exact. I always remind her that when she walked into our classroom sporting a head full of french braids and banana colored beads, I just knew we would be friends…and so we were. I’d soon found out that we were neighbors and hence we’d walk to and from school together with our annoying little brothers in tow. We’d eat the occasional dinner at each others house and scurry from the neighborhood boys who, even at that age, were transfixed on her bootyliciousness. We’d bike to downtown Chicago during the height of rush hour and hop the city bus to the mall (with our parents permission of course). She was always willing to give me half of her Fontano Sub and her Flaming Hot Chips and willing to spot me for our Friday class trips to Carms (the nearby hamburger stand). I adored my Sheena, and I think she adored me too. :-)

As our elementary school years gave way to high school, college and Cosmetology school our friendship ebbed and flowed like Lake Michigan on a windy Chicago day, but I knew I could always find her just a few houses down from mine. As adults we’d frequent clubs and lounges, (mostly at her urging since I was hardwired to be in my PJ’s by 8 p.m.). She’d willingly come out with me to gigs that started at Midnight and carried into the early morning. She’d be at all of my house parties and was the first person to stay the night with me in my newly purchased Condo. She was my Maid of Honor and is my Bestest friend. She’s known me for years and I don’t have to keep up pretense or explain who I am or where I come from to her; I can just be myself, for better or for worse (she’s actually the person who coined me “Momma Mina” BEFORE the babies).

Now that I reflect on those years, I realize that maybe I took our friendship for granted. That maybe my expectation that she would always be a few doors down or a quick car ride away prevented me from treasuring every moment that we had together.

My dearest Sheena is now on the other side of the world. She’s a Navy Gal serving in Japan and is recently engaged. Our lives have changed so much since our time at Galileo Scholastic Academy of Math and Science (try saying that 10 times fast) but its a wonderful feeling to know that at the core, I have a friend that I love and loved me from the beginning.

I miss and love you Sheena Beana (aka BBB) and though you’re miles and miles away I want you to know that you’re still my Best Friend. “I Wish You Flowers, Sunshine and Smiles” all the days of your life.

Have you told your best friend how much you love them?

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