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Zoe – The Perpetual Hooter

By on Oct 27, 2012

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During most mornings Zoe and I will have a little learning time. Sometimes we’ll play with her puzzle or foam alphabets. We might point and name body parts (or rather I name and she points) or we’ll look at animal pictures. Every morning is so different because her interests change moment to moment.

Well one particular day after trying everything to hold her attention, I’d pulled out the animal cards and despite the cocaphony of animal sounds that I resorted to in order to hold her attention she was most smitten by the owl. “Hoot Hoot Hoot…Owl. Hoot Hoot Hoot, Hoo(t) are you?” It didn’t take long before she was “hooting” all over the pace. She hooted first thing in the morning before diaper changes, following meals, randomly during playtime, and before bed. My Zoe had become a perpetual hooter!

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