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I Wanna Be Your…Lova!

By on Oct 3, 2012

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I wanna be your Momma and your sister too
And there ain’t no Other
That can do the things that I’ll do to you…

Yes! I finally met my Knight in Shining, Ass-less Chaps! Okay, maybe I didn’t quite meet him, it was more like a few rows back from the elevated stage, and maybe he wasn’t wearing Ass-less Chaps but more like a silk slinky pant and shirt combo, but a girl can imagine. Though Prince was a much milder version of who I expected to see, his show on the 25th was fabulous!

Now even with all of the excitement that I mustered up to see Prince, I was still faced with the reality of Mothering two small babes before I could disappear to Never Never Land, hence there were no pre-concert drinks and festivities for me. Instead it was more like bubble bath, milk and anarchy.

I attempted to get the girls bathed, fed and settled before Papa Nevels arrived home to take over his parental shift, but I was stopped cold at bath time. Zoe decided she no longer wanted to bathe once she saw that Jada was getting Mommy’s attention AND the milk that so-called disappeared once she hit 12 months old. In perfect, almost-a-2-year-old fashion, Zoe began to scream bloody murder which spurred Jada to scream…suckle… and then alternate accordingly. Before I knew it, I was staring at 2 wide eyed, loud mouthed babies and was totally bewildered. I think I might have had an outer body experience because I suddenly had this far away feeling…or maybe it was just my mind trying to escape to a less complicated world with white horses, flowing manes, Prince…and Ass-less chaps.

Phil got home shortly thereafter, freeing me to a new sort of hell called “finding something to wear.” I was caught in this weird alternate world where my maternity clothing was too big and my pre-pregnancy clothing was too small. I won’t even go into the numerous outfit changes, the tears that were shed (now from all three of us), and the frustration that ensued. I resolved that anything black would do. Why couldn’t I have met Prince pre-Pregnancy!

My Mother was my +1 and when we arrived she was as giddy as I was…despite not knowing a single Prince song. At the front door they were hosting a raffle for VIP tickets to sit closer to the stage. To enter you had to visit 4 different community info tables, listen to a shpill, and complete a punch card.

“How many tickets are you raffling,” I asked, to which the representative responded “2 tickets.” Confused I inquired again, “How many pairs of tickets are you giving out?” And she responded once again “we’re giving out only 2 tickets.” I couldn’t help but laugh…I mean were they serious? There were thousands and thousands of people at this sold out show. What were the chances of winning? Prince couldn’t have even won those tickets even with his clout!

But we had nothing but time before the show…so why not…

Well that “why not” turned into an “Oh Hell Yes!” (spoken like Maya from Girlfriends). 10 minutes into the show I get a call and a text from the lobby saying that I’d won the pair of tickets!!!!! My Mother and I squealed, yes…we squealed like little happy piglets! We didn’t care! We’d just been upgraded from our fabulous seats in section 201 to fantabulous seats in section 102, row 5, seats 14 and 15!

I was getting closer to my Prince…oh…if I could only touch the hem of his silk yellow bell bottoms.

Prince elevated from the depths of the stage and played his best songs:
Let’s Go Crazy (which we did)
Delirious (which we were)
1999 (the year I graduated high school)
Shhhh (the song I thought Tevin Campbell wrote…silly me)
Let’s Work (do I know this one?)
U Got The Look (I totally should have been on stage strutting to this one…frumpy, post preggo and all)
Sometimes it Snows in April (???)
People Pleaser (Prince’s new Protege sang this one…I’m slightly jealous)
She’s Always in My Hair (loved it)
Dreamer (I think I was running downstairs to get my tickets during this one)
I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (totally bummed I miss this one..but me and Moms were making our move)
Take Me With U (We were booting someone out of our newly acquired VIP seats during this one)
Raspberry Beret (Aww yeah…back at it for this one…but pissed I didn’t have my beret)

okay…so I won’t add commentary for all of the songs…I’ll just list them…

Cool/Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson Cover)
Nothing Compares 2 U (Okay..last comment…but Jennifer Hudson came out and blew him away. No I mean it…she really blew him away. Not only was her voice incredibly strong (which was awesome) but she towered over him like a baby Giraffe -you know it doesn’t take much to dwarf him.
Purple Rain

….and there were like 3 or 4 Encores. The last Encore was with the lights on and by then Moms and me had inched up to the 1st row of our section into newly vacated seats.

Encore Songs:
How Come You Don’t Call Me
When Doves Cry
Nasty Girl
Sign-O-The Times
Hot Thing
Alphabet St. (instrumental)
Forever in My Life
Darling Nikke (instrumental)
Mr. Goodnight
I Would Die 4 U
Little Red Corvette
Act of God
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Janet Jackson)
Which Way is Up

…and no I wasn’t sitting at the concert with pen and paper in hand, I snagged this list from a music review that I thought was awesomely written by Jeremy D. Larson. You can check it out here.

The concert was a fun time for all and Prince certainly did not disappoint…although the Ass-less Chaps would have been a nice touch. :-) Mom rocked it out until the end and even attended the after party while I rushed home to pump out the surplus of milk that threatened to embarrass me if I stayed out any longer.

It was such a treat to finally get my “Prince Fix” after so many years of jammin’ out to his music and even styling my hair in a “Prince-like Fashion.” He’s truly an incredible entertainer; but even in all his glory, that night as I drifted off to sleep, the only man I dreamed of in Ass-less Chaps was my very own… Philip! (were you surprised)

I’ve been on eBay a few times since that night hoping to find a prized pair; after all, some dreams need a little help coming true!

Have you ever seen Prince in concert? Was it all you imagined it to be?

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