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The Stand- Off

By on Sep 11, 2012

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Back-to-Back…walk 10 paces…turn and shoot!

Yup, Zoe challenged Papa Nevels to a duel…and she almost won!

I’ve gotta admit I’m not good with discipline. Its become increasingly hard to punish Zoe for her explosive fall-out-limp-on-the-floor-like-a-crime-scene tantrums. Especially when the scratching, tugging, and running-away-when-I-call-her is really just the result of her being over-tired. I mean, can you really punish someone for their actions when their exhausted? Well, for the last few months that’s been my rationale; forgive her father for she knows not what she’s doing. My very pregnant previous self could not muster up the energy to chase or enforce a punishment that required any physical exertion  and my new non-pregnant but equally exhausted self can’t seem to muster up enough energy to chase or enforce a punishment that requires any physical exertion. Enter…Papa Nevels aka The Enforcer.

The Enforcer has made the statement “we are not raising “that” type of kid” his parental mantra and has declared it his mission to ensure that our little ladies don’t turn rogue and tip our family tug boat. So with that said, the above photo was discreetly captured during a Daddy/Daughter stand-off.

So what happened you say?

Well it all started after an evening walk. We arrived home, exhausted, and ready to take on dinner and bed, but became distracted by the couch. Zoe on the other hand, though exhausted, proceeded in her typical manner to find something new to get into. While I can’t remember exactly what she held tightly in the palm of her hand, I can say that Clutches McFinnigan (aka Zoe) was holding on to something little tots should not hold on to. I asked her for the item and she handed it over without hesitation, but then in one retaliatory swipe, knocked over all of the folded clothing on the couch that I neglected to put away.

Enter… Papa Nevels aka… The Enforcer, who commanded Zoe to pick up the clothes and give them to Mommy. Of course she refused by simply staring him down in her doe-eyed way. Unsure as to whether or not she understood, Papa Nevels asked that she pick up her doll, which she did easily. Now convinced that she understood the command, Papa Nevels insisted that Zoe pick up the clothes. He even went as far as to hand her an item and then ask her to give it to Mommy. In return, Zoe would accept the clothing item and then chuck it on the floor while still eyeing Papa Nevels. While she’s not quite talking yet, I can assure you that her thought bubble went a little like this: “I’m not picking that shit up, you do it!”

Meanwhile, The Enforcer was now tentatively sitting on the edge of the couch.

Tears ensued, feelings were dashed and heart strings were pulled, all of which were from my end of the room, but I knew better than to let it be seen by either party. This back and forth persisted for over an hour until Papa Nevels was forced to run out to the store for some ingredient for dinner. He sat Zoe in her high chair and instructed me not to look at her, cuddle or coddle her until his return, which in my eyes was second to child labor. Still, I complied.

Upon his return, Phil helped Zoe down from her high chair and then instructed her to pick up the clothing items. And would you believe that she happily picked up the clothes!!! She smiled and handed him shirts, pants, unmentionables and anything else that she found littering the living room floor. We were so ecstatic that the stand-off was over that we swooped her up and covered her with hugs and kisses. We’d all won that night!

So is there something to this phenomenon called “Time Out”? Had Zoe simply needed to cool her hot head? Is The Enforcer one step ahead of doe-eyed Zoe? I’d like to think that placing the Princess on her High Chair is all that we need to do to keep her aligned, but I’ve yet to know for sure. Either way, tune in next time for the Nevels Family Saga as we continue to approach the Terrible 2’s.

What’s your method for disciplining your kids?

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