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In A Nick of Time

By on Jul 10, 2012

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Let’s Take
A Long Walk
Around The Park
After Dark (or rather in the afternoon …tee hee)
~Jill Scott

My little Zo-zo is finally walking without a cane! LOL!  If you ask me, she was ready to let go a long time ago, but she just wouldn’t. She’d grasp my pinky finger or snag a handful of my pant leg and happily wobble alongside me or Papa Nevels. She was more than happy to push the stroller or a shopping cart and would smile joyfully up at me. No matter how much prodding or coaxing I’d do, she wouldn’t stand on her own and she wouldn’t allow herself to be hands-free. We’d attend birthday parties and playdates and she would watch the other tots run about; content to provide babbling commentary from the sidelines.

But early one Friday morning, a morning not so much unlike any other morning, she took 2 shaky steps from the couch to her wagon toy. I thought I was seeing things since I’d only caught the phenomenon out the corner of my eye. And then this was followed up over the course of the afternoon with 2 steps here and 3 steps there. The funny thing is that by this time Zoe had never seemed to properly master standing up on her own without support, so I was floored when she started to take steps!

She went from 2 steps in one day to many-a-step, up and down the hallway, around the couch and to and fro.  She even pulled off a one-two punch by walking to the stairs, crawling up the stairs and then walking around the upstairs bedroom.

I know…I know…these are the rantings of a proud Momma.  But you see, Zoe is now 17 months, and although I’ve been told that most tots are usually walking by the 18th month, I was still tapping my toes and sending up prayers. Not to mention that I’ve been subjected over the last few months to the ramblings of Mom’s eager to disclose that their little one has been walking since 9 months or 12 months or straight out the womb! And Lord help me if another well-meaning family member, friend or stranger looks to me and says “Wow! She’s not walking yet?”

It’s true every kid develops at a different pace. And the reality is that you can wish whatever you want, but things happen in their own perfect time. My Zo-zo wasn’t the first baby we know to start walking, but she’s walking now, and in a NICK OF TIME since her little sister (we’ll call her Gertie) will be making her debut in a month. And if I may, I’d like to add a little bit of  Shameful Proud Momma Bragging to this post, and say that although Zoe didn’t walk straight out the womb, she can point out all of her major body parts, she especially loves the belly button and she can identify and say the name of a few choice items like “peach”, “dog” “ball” and “baby bee!”

You know…I really love being a Momma Bear. I especially love being Zoe’s Momma!

Have you been holding your breath and “willing” something to happen lately?

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