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A Serious Pain in the Ass

By on Jul 26, 2012

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Oh me…oh my! After a rough night of Braxton Hicks, a racing heart and general exhaustion, I awoke this morning to a searing and debilitating pain in the ass…the ass cheek that is!

Now I’ve had sciatic pain due to pregnancy in the past, and while it can be uber painful, I typically push passed the discomfort to get where I need to go. But this morning after a step and a half toward the bathroom I threw myself back onto the bed. It was like a streak of lightening lit through my back, hip, glutes and thighs.

I tried to get up again, to no avail, and while I would have loved to crawl back into bed, morning pee waits for no preggo woman, and so I awoke Phil with desperate pleas to get me to the toilet.


I literally had no idea how we were supposed to get there. I couldn’t put ANY weight on my right leg and he couldn’t hoist me on his back because of this nearly 8 month belly. He tried to pick me up, but even the slightest bend of my leg sent pain searing through my body. Meanwhile, I’m fiercely trying to clench my bladder closed since this is NOT a love scene from R. Kelley’s “Keepin’ It Kinky” book, this is pure desperation…with total embarrassment looming in the background.

I ended up wrapping my arms around Phil’s neck and dragging my painful legs behind me. I’m sure we were quite the sight to see and I’m thankful no one else (besides he and I…and maybe Baby Gertie) were witnesses.

Needless to say I was on bed rest today. I’m able to hobble to the bathroom on my own now, but I’ve yet to venture downstairs or lift anything besides the remote, which I’m sure doesn’t help my condition.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so helpless, even in my worst hour! To not have the ability to move on your own is a scary scary feeling and my heart goes out to those to whom this is a way of life. You know, I was reading something not too long ago that mentioned that Mothers make the best executives and managers, and it had everything to do with their ability to empathize. And after today’s experience I’m even more convinced that it’s true! Besides the daily multi-tasking and damage control that we do, Motherhood and pregnancy is the most hormonal and physically charged experience that one can have in a lifetime. It renders you both powerful and submissive at every turn; talk about a balancing act!

Well, my sciatic inflamed ass cheek still hurts, but I’m distracted by Zoe who’s sorting out Baby Gertie’s pampers at the moment. She reminds me that it’s all worth it in the end, even when Motherhood is a serious pain in the ass!

Have you ever had to physically depend on someone else? If so, how did you deal?

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