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…and he’s STILL hugging his pillow…

By on Jun 14, 2012

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Ever since my first pregnancy I’ve been obsessed with pillows. I’ve bought memory foam pillows, down feather pillows, synthetic hypo-allergenic pillows, body pillows, really squishy pillows and Elijah rock pillows. You name it, I’ve had them all…and each night I typically find a new way to use them. I lay my head on one pillow and I keep a second pillow nearby to fill the space between my head and the headboard. I then place one or two pillows between my knees (because I hate that bone on bone feeling) and then… I hug one.

Phil always makes fun of me for having so many pillows and has coined me “high maintenance” because it requires so much for me to be comfortable. Well over time, though not at his urging, I’ve slowly reduced my pillow use. Now I have one firm pillow for my head, one firm one for my knees and one squishy one for hugging. After all, a pregnant woman has got to have a little pillow to lift her growing belly. But the ironic thing is that as I shed my pillows, Phil is starting to collect them! He now has 2 pillows under his head (which to be honest is in part because I stole his firm one), AND he is now hugging a pillow! When I realized what he was doing, I teased him so badly this evening that I grabbed another pillow and gingerly propped it between his knees to insure that he had proper pelvic alignment and spacing for an optimal and restful sleep. We both laughed hysterically, but would you believe that when the joke was over, he still hadn’t moved it!!! In fact, I think he buried his chin a little deeper into his arm pillow and then dropped off to sleep!

So what am I trying to say? I’m trying to say, “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it Mr. Nevels!” Everyone wants a little extra comfort in life and us pregnant Momma’s know all about what it takes to make life a little more comfortable.

Now if only I could replace his huggable pillow with ME…at least for a minute or two…because for deep sleep, I still need my pillows. :-)

What’s your bedtime set-up?

p.s. The above photo is a total blast from the past, but I just couldn’t resist!

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