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By on May 8, 2012

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I’ve heard that parenthood comes with a price tag, but I couldn’t really empathize…until now.

You see I breastfed Zoe until she was 1 year, so we didn’t have to buy formula. We received a ton of diapers at the baby shower and didn’t have to really start purchasing diapers until she was 6 months. Many of her clothes were gifted and supplemented with a few sale items here and there. But now that Zoe is threatening to walk…the real expenses are starting to roll in.

I purchased Zoe’s first pair of walking shoes, Pedipeds to be exact, about a month and a half ago . They were cute little velcro shoes with stitched flowers along the front and sides. They even had a special insole that came with the shoe which allowed you to select a larger size and still have the shoe fit at the time of purchase. And what did these cute white walking shoes with stitched flowers and easy on/off velcro closures run me? They ran me a whopping $50!

Shortly after purchasing the shoes I noticed that Zoe became enamored with the velcro strap. She’d pried and pulled at it until she figured out just how much prying and pulling is required to set her pudgy feet free.  Hence I became accustomed to being on the prowl for unlatched or dropped shoes as we moved from place to place. But Sunday at church during the hustle and bustle of praising and praying for pardoned sins and wayward ways, Zoe ditched her right shoe… and neither me or the hubby noticed. In fact, it wasn’t until we returned home that evening that we realized “Z”inderella had lost her expensive walking slipper.

I called the church the next day and even re-traced my steps a few days later hoping I’d find her walking slipper on a ledge or in lost and found, but it was to no avail. I’ve since replaced Zoe’s shoes with a $45 pair of Stride Rites that have a loop and latch feature. I know there are cheaper shoes out there, but I do value good arch support so I’m not prepared to skimp. Still, it was the replacement that hurt more than the original purchase.

I’ve seen lost baby shoes, gloves and hats over the years, but I’ve never really been able to empathize. I can definitely empathize and sympathize now. And if I should ever see another lost item in the mall or stranded on the sidewalk, you can best believe I’ll gladly take the trip to lost and found, or the closest ledge.

What has your little one lost along the way?

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