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The Underestimated Baby Germ

By on Apr 24, 2012

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Just thought I’d start off this entry with a special message from Germain, the germinating germ:

“Hi! My name is Germaine, the germinating germ and I’m the baby germ of my family. I’m little and cute and boy am I a stinker. I prefer hanging out with little babies because..well… they’re cute and they’re easy prey. In fact, I think they look for me more than I’ve ever looked for them. They find me hanging out on the swing sets or in play gyms or even living off their fellow baby friends. Sometimes when I’m just sitting down to a nice lunch at the kiddie cafeteria they use their fingers and tongues to lap up my lunch…AND ME!

It’s not easy being Germaine, the germinating germ. I mean, everyone sees me as the baby, but they don’t know how strong I really am. I can cause high fevers, yellowish/green mucus, give you a rattly cough, give you aches and pains that make you cry and sleep less. You see, I really am a stinker. And when the Mommy and Daddy of those cute little babies try to cuddle them, I jump on them too! I give those Mommies and Daddies a run for their money and they get a double body blow of Germaine, the germinating germ. They’re usually too tired to see me coming…until it’s too late. Gotcha!!!!”

Yup! That was a message from Germaine the germinating germ who’s been wreaking havoc in the Nevels’ household. Zoe woke up Friday with her first fever ever, complete with all the works. We went to the doctor’s office and spent much of the day cuddling. Now you should know that Zoe isn’t much of a cuddle bug; she likes to have her own personal space. So when she would rest her head on me or wrap her little arms around my neck, I knew this was the real deal. And when she wiped her snotty nose all over my cheeks and my shirt collar, I happily obliged. I didn’t mind that she sneezed in my face and followed it up with her sweet baby kisses. Whatever my Zo-zo needed to feel better, I was more than happy to comply. Oh and by the way, the entire time I was thinking “heck, these are baby germs, what’s the worst that could happen????”

What’s the worst that could happen? All HELL breaking loose, is the worst that could happen. As Zoe was hitting rock bottom me and Papa Nevels were starting our descent. We were achy, congested and sneezy. But worst of all, because it’s always worse from MY perspective, I was/am tired and pregnant! Though Papa Nevels worked hard over the weekend to help me keep our boat afloat, he ran for the high hills on Monday leaving me to take care of our 2.5 babies (Zoe, Me and the growing baby in my belly). Tee hee! :-)

We managed through the day, and Papa Nevels made an early entrance from work to pick up some of the slack, but it’s not easy being a Momma (or a Papa – I guess I should give Phil some props here), but nothing worthwhile ever is. :-)

Shout out to all of those Momma and Papa Bears young and old that just keep it moving in spite of. Have you given yourself a pat on the back lately for just surviving? If not, then it’s long overdue.

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