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Taking the "Giddy" out of my "Giddy-Up"

By on Apr 2, 2012

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I’ve found that the number of surprised looks and questions I’ve gotten lately regarding motherhood have grown exponentially with the increased size of my belly.

Now I’m not one to deny that being 5 months pregnant and having a 14 month old could lend itself to being a challenging situation. The truth is that it is. The naps that I took when I was pregnant with Zoe have been diminished to glazed far away looks on the couch during this pregnancy. My desire to eat healthy is trumped by Zoe’s need for a well-rounded finger-picking friendly meal, and so I manage with yogurt and huge bowls of cereal. My treks to the yoga studio are substituted with the 1 hour venture to pack-a-Zoe, pack-a-lunch, and pack it on the work horse (that’s me) and wobble down 3 flights of stairs to the car. It’s definitely challenging, and every day is a battle of the wills; but a Momma could use a little encouragement, a little flicker of a pen light somewhere far down the length of the tunnel of life will do.
So what daunting looks and questions am I fielding you ask? Well, for starters, most folks stare at pregnant women anyway because we’re human breeding freak-a-zoids. So I expected that. But when onlookers see me, a round belly Momma, toting a babbling, wobbly legged Zoe from the car to the stroller, I see their eyes nearly pop. I get questions like, “how are you going to handle another baby when the first one isn’t walking?” Or even more pointed questions like, “why isn’t Zoe walking yet?,” because of course I’m to blame for her non-expedient motor skills. I’ve had other Mom’s say to me, I want to see how you handle your tiny tot and newborn so I know what to do when the time comes? And of course, the age old question of “what are you going to do when the new baby comes?” to which I answer “I’ll Mother him/her.” I even had a mother of the church tell me that I shouldn’t have another kid!
To be fair, I know the above are all questions of concern and curiosity, after all, the only woman I know who has had back to back babies is my Grandmother and she had a total of 9, worked in a steel mill, and only took a 1/2 day off to have each one! Of course times are different now, but the same “put the giddy back in your giddy-up” mentality still applies. I’m not looking for sympathy or empathy. I’m just saying, Women and Mommas old and young, please think before you speak. Most of us are already battling the angst of what the future holds, so even a hollowed vote of confidence is better than a weighted vote of concern.
Are you taking the “giddy” out of someone else’s “giddy-up” or is someone stealing your “giddy?”
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