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Happy Easter/Resurrection Day!!!!

By on Apr 8, 2012

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Maybe I’m a heathen…I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s sure hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

We decided to go to the family church for Easter. It’s the best way to see all (or most of) my extended family in one fell swoop. But the problem is that when your regular church is so free-flowing, it’s not as easy to seamlessly merge in and out of another church’s changing culture.

So with that said, on Easter Morn, Momma “super preggo” Mina, Zo-zo “the purple peacock” and “Polished” Papa Nevels headed out to Granny’s church shouting salutations left and right: “Good Morning, Happy Easter! God Bless You, Happy Easter! Happy Easter, One and All!” Only to be gently corrected by a fellow sister of the church who confided to me that the new and improved terminology for our celebration is now… “Happy Resurrection Day!”

I guess we totally missed that memo!

But Anywho, Happy Easter, Resurrection Day, He is Risen Day, Thank God for Jesus Day!!!!

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