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Today..Oatmeal on a spoon, but tomorrow…

By on Mar 19, 2012

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…she takes over the world!

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating, but at least she’s moving in the right direction. Lately, Zoe has become more and more independent during mealtime (thank God!). At every meal, I sit her in her high chair and place a spoon alongside her plate. She then gracefully alternates jamming a fistful of food and an empty spoon into her mouth.
Truth be told, I have and had no idea how to get her to use her utensils. When I would try to show her, she simply would yank the spoon or fork away and then grab a handful of food with the opposite hand. But on this particular occasion I decided to experiment with oatmeal. I scooped the oatmeal onto the spoon, handed it to her and to my surprise, she carefully brought the spoon to her mouth, ate the oatmeal and then tossed the spoon back at me as if to say “take that Momma, how about a real challenge next time!”
I was floored! How did she know to do that? When did her hands become that steady? And is she really a lefty?
Now the next step is to get her to scoop the oatmeal onto her spoon solo, but I must say I’m still a proud Momma Bear. After all, before you can get the world on string, you’ve gotta eat your oatmeal from a spoon, right?!?!?!
So from one Momma Bear to another, have you underestimated your little ones abilities today?
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