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Mo Food…Mo Problems..

By on Mar 6, 2012

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When Biggie Smalls made the claim “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” he couldn’t have been more off the mark. Now granted, I haven’t been lucky enough to have my problems result from too much money, what I can attest to is that the more new foods Zoe tries, the more problems for me.

Zoe is completely off of Mommy’s milk. She drinks whole milk and now eats some of the same meals as Mommy and Daddy. But there are some things that are just not right for a one year old; things like Oreo cookies and sour cream and onion chips. They’re not even right for a 30 year old newly pregnant Momma, but they’re MY guilty pleasures and I’m just not ready to subject Zoe to my junk food habits nor am I prepared to give them up. Unfortunate for me, now she expects new food adventures at every turn… and no food or snack is safe from her clutches.
At times I’ll duck behind the computer screen or wait until she’s not looking to munch. I’ll even go so far as to slip into the kitchen and hide the treat in some concealed Tupperware, but her 7th sense and 4th eye are so keen that they tip her off every time.
I guess as a mother what’s yours is theirs and what’s theirs is still theirs because you probably don’t want it. Right now I’m waiting until nap time to pull out the good stuff, but I know that eventually I’ll either have to give up my junk food obsession or build a snack room in my closet.
How do you handle your little beggar?
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