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Well Surprise, Surprise!

By on Feb 20, 2012

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Talk about a hiatus! I know I’ve been off the blogging scene for some time, a little over two months to say the least, but my oh my what a month it has been. And the reason for this radio silence…here goes it…we’re expecting another wiggle worm!

Yup! We found out a mere 2 days after Christmas. I’d been feeling a little strange the prior weeks but hadn’t given it much thought, after all, Zoe’s world has totally eclipsed my own. Finally, after a restless night I begin to put the pieces together: achy boobies, frequent bathroom trips and major exhaustion. While Phil prepped to leave for work, I eased into the bathroom to take a secretive test. I mean, there was no reason to alarm him over my own curiosity, right?
Well, 3 positive pregnancy tests later, I subtly inquired about our health insurance plan which was equivalent to a skinny potbelly sandwich (all shell and none of the yummy inside fluff). According to Phil, we were in the clear with our health insurance so long as I didn’t get pregnant. Dumm Dummm Dummm…insert lighting flash and crashing thunder here: _____.
I kept my little secret all day, torturing myself about how I should share the news with Phil. Should I just blurt it out when he gets home? Wait until 12 midnight of the New Year? Paste a “Big Sister” sign on Zoe’s back? Meet him at work with a big “plus” sign on my forehead?
In the end I decided to just wrap up the trio of tests and place them under the tree. A totally clueless Phil retrieved his delayed Christmas Gift with an excited grin. “Well I know it’s not a’s kind of hard and plastic-like”, he said. And then a few seconds later wide eyed and totally shocked he asked me, “Is this a joke?” “Sure,” I said, “and the jokes on me!” Well sort of.
Of course any baby is welcome in the Nevels Clan! In fact, we were planning on a 2nd little one, but the plan was to wait until Zoe could consciously poop in the crapper. You see, Zoe arrived on the scene after 2 years of marriage, so based on those calculations we had another year before mini Phil or mini Mina (the 2nd) would come swimming along.
I’ve been told a million times in my life that “we (humans) make plans and God laughs,” and boy does that ring true. Oh, and how do I know this little one is heaven sent? Well besides the fact that any living thing is a gift from God, the baby’s expected due date…brace yourself…is my birthday…August 22nd!
This little one is totally meant to be. :-)
p.s. this is not a current picture of me. This photo is from my my maternity shoot when Zoe was still baking. I’m currently a mere 16 weeks. :-)
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