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Because Even Mothers Need Mothering

By on Jan 9, 2012

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I’ve been feeling kind of under the weather the last few days; I’ll spare you the details, but its fair to say that when a Momma Bear is down for the count (especially with a little one at home) it makes for some challenging times.

So out of desperation I did something that I never do…I put out an APB for help. I called on my Auntie Sharon to prep a few dinners for my family this week and I called my cousin Marty to come in a couple mornings to help me jump start the day.
As I laid in bed today queasy and tossing from side to side, she quietly made her way into the house, said hello and went straight to the kitchen. I assumed that she needed a tour of where pots and pans were stashed and of course she’d need the run-down on what Zoe and I eat during the day. But she didn’t ask, instead she simply said that “she’d found the eggs and was getting to it.” On the sly I mustered up enough energy to give my husband a call and ask him whether or not he’d given her the scoop before she came in today…but he hadn’t.
As the smell of eggs and other goodness wafted into the back room, I pulled on my house coat to make my way into the kitchen like in the 90’s Folgers coffee commercials. But instead of coffee and a college student, I found the most delicious spinach, onion and cheese omelet, sliced oranges and a smiling Marty. Breakfast was served!
Lunch was more of the same goodness. She’d managed to re-purpose my Auntie Sharon’s already fabulous Chicken Vesuvio dish from last night into a new meal all its own. I scarfed it down…well most of it…after all I do have to share everything with the ravenous Zoe now (who by the way ate most of my omelet this morning). When I asked Marty if there was anything I should have Phil pick up from the store for next time she simply replied, “I can just make something out of what you already have in the refrigerator.” She’s a total magician!
It truly is amazing how having someone you trust come into your home and anticipate your needs really can change the course of your day. Its been quite a while since I was properly “Mothered” (because as you may know, a husbands idea of mothering is in a league of its own). I’m so very grateful for Momma Sharon and Momma Marty, words really can’t express it.
I think every Mom deserves a little Mothering every now and again. And this Momma Bear is proof that it can turn your day around…I mean….I’m actually blogging in the midst of feeling ill.
Who Mothers you when you most need it?
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