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Little Miss Celie

By on Dec 16, 2011

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Last night while Phil and I were out to dinner, Zoe hung out with Grandma. When we got home, Grandma had bathed little Zo-zo, washed her hair and put her to bed. “Oh, by the way,” she said, “I oiled Zoe’s hair and braided it up too.”

Now to hear my mother say that she combed Zoe’s hair at all raised alarm, you see she’s been out of practice for nearly 25 years, but to hear that she’d actually braided her hair raised a whole different level of concern.
So as my Mom walked out the door, I hugged her, kissed her, thanked her and watched her off to her car…then I ran in to see little Zo-zo who was fast asleep. The light streaming in from the hallway was just enough to spotlight a few of the wormy braids that were invading her head and I could suddenly see flashbacks of my school pictures and family gatherings…a time I’d almost forgotten.
My little Zo-zo had officially been inducted into SBS, The Secret Braid Society. We’ve all had the crazy braids. For my big sister and me it took the shape of two french braids straight to the back and then braided together. For Zoe, it had progressed into multiple loose braids running from her scalp. I half expected Zoe to roll over and start a soliloquy with “Dear God….”
I said I wouldn’t post the photo to facebook for fear that it would scare off Zoe’s secret and not-so-secret admirers. But I said nothing about blogging about it. (smile)
So what was your mother’s “it” hairstyle for you?
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