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When You See It…Believe It

By on Nov 29, 2011

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You can find Phil and I engulfed in a variety of reality shows these days. Especially given that few things of interest are even on the television. We frequently watch top chef and most recently restaurant take-over. And with that said, you would think that we would be even more selective about where we eat.
Well we I had a rude awakening this weekend. We’ve been battling a few sicknesses here in the Nevels household. It began a few weeks ago with Phil who had a very strange congested cough, but no other symptoms. As a result, he went on with his regularly scheduled programming until the cough went away. Next Zoe became sick with a similar cough marked with a few sniffles and in perfect domino fashion, I fell ill with a sinus infection. Then to trump it all, the husband, who is never sick, caught some sort of stomach virus that had him laid out for over 24 hours…vomiting.
Now I’ve nurtured Phil through basic cold and flu symptoms before, but the onslaught of but when it came to Phil heaving and convulsing in the toilet, I was at a total loss. He’s rarely ever sick and definitely never sick to his stomach. I offered him tea, water, crackers and even a warm shower but nothing worked. He spent a full day wreathing and rolling in bed. a stomach virus coupled with a sick/fussy baby was more than I could manage. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.
I fumbled my way through Zoe’s sickness, watching for any major changes,
I finally called upon my Aunt who brought in reinforcement…food, Grapeseed Extract and Grandma.
As of this evening, the Nevels Clan is slowly on the up & up, but I can’t help but dread the next time we’re quarantined and I’m the only Mom standing.
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I’ve got a huge bald spot…

By on Nov 22, 2011

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…from pulling my hair out the last couple of days.
Okay..well not literally pulling my hair out because that would totally hurt, but Zoe is giving me the flux!
Gone are the days of the super chill baby who smiled a lot and was just happy to cuddle with Mommy. Gone are the days where I could surround her with toys and peek over to see her happily playing and cooing. And gone are the days where Mommy’s milk was all she needed for nourishment and comfort. Now, those days have been replaced with a pushy, demanding, insatiable little monster.
This morning was the worst yet. She awoke and cried out for us to bring her to bed to nurse; no surprise there, but after nursing she cued up the yelling. Not just an ordinary cry, but a consistent, full volume, from the depths of her bowels cry.
I read to her, but it only momentarily curbed her frustration. I thought she was still hungry, so I shoveled Banana Mango puree into her mouth, but she continued yelling between spoon-fulls. When the blasted puree ran out, I whipped out the yogurt snaks; but still, the fury persisted. I even let her play with her toys, but I still came up short. Finally, at my wits end and totally confused, I put her to bed slightly earlier than her typical morning nap time.
She’s asleep now, Thank God, and I’ve got about 90 minutes to recoup before the Loch ness Monster resurfaces…but I’m really hoping that it’s my little Zo-zo instead.
What do you do when you just don’t know what to do?
p.s. Don’t let the incredibly cute face fool you!
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For Such a Time as This

By on Nov 7, 2011

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Ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Do you ever take time to reflect on your journey; the good, the bad and the downright ugly?

I certainly do, sometimes more than I should, and I find myself mentally stuck in my musings thinking:
What a great opportunity that was, I want to re-live it
Why the heck did I do that
What was the point of all of that
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