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There’s Just Nothing I Can Do About It!

By on Oct 3, 2011

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And it totally drives me crazy.

I thought that allowing her to play with another kid’s toy during playdates was questionable. I thought sharing baby blankets was a no-no and God forbid anyone pick her up without disinfecting (which still drives me batty). But the neurosis has only gotten worse now that Zoe is officially mobile!
It all started with tummy time, then it turned into a belly pivot. It quickly morphed into the army belly crawl and now it’s the army belly crawl at turbo speed. She’s on the move now and she’s gravitating towards the grossest things in the house.
She loves gumming the rubber floor grip of her rainforest jumper. She’s totally into the legs of the t.v. trays. The sofa base has been licked clean and no dust bunny is safe in any corner. She’s even resorted to licking the hardwood floors and has only stopped shy of grabbing P.J.’s butt because I caught her mid-reach (on multiple occasions). She’ll never chill out on her playmat, no matter what I coax her with…colorful toys, frozen fruit, watered down juice nor pots and pans. She’s just not easily strayed from exploring all things gross. I can’t wash her hands enough, or sweep and mop enough because there is always something else yucky lurking within reach.
It’s true that I am becoming more and more of a germaphobe as time goes by. I don’t touch door handles or knobs in public places, nor do I handle restaurant menus without quickly disinfecting my hands afterwards. Zoe isn’t allowed to touch the keys of my computer or lick on my phone – they are just way to gross for her to handle. Each day I’m becoming more and more neurotic about cleanliness and there is just no stopping this downward spiral.
They say that you have to confront your fears head on, but do I need to go on a germ hunt to combat this phobia? Should I too gum the floor grip of Zoe’s rainforest jumper (which I’ve secretly tried to see why she loves it so much…shhh don’t tell Phil)? Should I join her in licking the base of the couch or t.v tray legs? Dare I mop the floor with my tongue?
I know I can’t protect Zoe from it all, which gives me the worst feeling inside. I’ve gotta let go, but I’m just not sure how.
Help! Help? I think I need some Help.
p.s. Zoe’s hands were immediately disinfected after the photo above was taken. I couldn’t chance her sucking her fingers after playing on the piano keys. :-(
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