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My Lip is Hairier than a Baboons Hizzazz

By on Oct 19, 2011

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It’s been weeks since last I’ve blogged, which is pretty indicative of how life has been for me lately. I’ve been entrapped on the mommyhood carousel in 24 hour Zoe-land and the park never closes. My days have been spent cleaning, pureeing, planning, holding my breath, breastfeeding and then praying for peace.

I just haven’t been able to come up for air and when I did this is what I saw: A horrendously hairy monster.
I took for granted that the pre-Mommy me could just go get my eyebrows, lips, underarms and other unmentionables threaded and waxed at my very whim. The only concern was having the money in the bank. Now the concern is having the money in the bank and whether or not the spa allows babies and if so, will Zo-zo permit the pampering session to commence.
Today when I came up for air I was lucky enough to have inclement weather: a cold, windy, rainy Fall day, which to my benefit kept the hubby indoors. He decided to work from home and in a final ditch effort to peel back the layers and find “me,” I braved the Chicago cold to get de-haired. I didn’t care that the wind pummeled my body and sent my afro careening from my scalp. I didn’t care that the spa was across town and required that I stop for gas on the way. And while I felt a little bad for my hubby who didn’t expect my 1 hour excursion to turn into a 2 hour to-do list, I kinda didn’t care. Well…I kinda did, but it didn’t deter me from taking care of business.
So with that said, I’m vowing that every 2 weeks will be a come up for air and do some self-care appointment. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to be a do-it-yourself diva, but sometimes you just need a professional.
So every two weeks I’ll be smoother than Zoe’s bottom! Yes! I said it and I’m sticking to it!
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