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Stay At Home Momma Bears…by choice?

By on Sep 14, 2011

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Some of you may already know my plight: I’m a new mommy that loves to spend time with my Zo-inator, but I find that when I tell people that I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom, I get the “what do you do all day” question or the “this is the 20th century” look. I’ve even found myself consoling other wanna-be Momma Bears who are scared that motherhood equals unfulfillment and wasted years in higher education.

Now my own Momma Bear was a SAHM, so staying home with the Z-bot was a no-brainer for me. But like most of us, a healthy dose of “googling” to confirm or disprove my findings always sets my mind at ease, and so I ran a search on SAHMs. The result was a census article which stated that most SAHMs are the primary caretakers for the following reasons:
a. They don’t have as much education as their spouses
b. Their spouses have more earning potential
So I decided to poll a group of fantastic SAHM’s here in Chicago to see if they agreed with the stats.
And what I awoke to this morning (after yesterday’s afternoon post) was 2 pages of responses from very real women claiming that staying at home with their little ones required a hard look at their financial situation and their family goals. But it was a choice and not the result of some shortcoming or short end of the stick.
Like them I made a choice and feel blessed to even have a choice, but I sure am tired of the crazy looks and comments. So enough of that. I typically don’t like to have rantings on my blog…I’d much rather craft a t-shirt that says it all: F%@$ You, It’s My Choice!
BTW-I’ll be taking t-shirt orders on-line.
P.S. A word of advice to potential SAHMs: Phil and I are currently NOT living like Rock Stars (or at least not yet), but if you plan to live like a Rock Star Momma than you might need to work for extra income…unless you have a trust fund…investments…and/or an uber wealthy spouse…and lots of giving friends…that is all.
Rock on Mommas!!!
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