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The Roommate Blues

By on Sep 30, 2011

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Most roommate situations rarely end well, but there is always an exception.

We lost our roommate this week. She got tired of our failed attempts at whispering while she was sleeping or hearing the floor creak while we traipsed in and out of the room. She grew frustrated from waking up at 4 a.m. to cry over cramped space and alerted us that the family bedroom is way to chilly for her liking. Zoe has flown her mini-coop. She’s no longer co-sleeping in her co-sleeper… and I sorta, kinda miss her.
Zoe will be 8 months old on Saturday and she has been fully indoctrinated into sleeping in her big girl baby crib in her own room. From birth until now she slept a mere 2 feet away from us in her co-sleeper. We tried a few months back to let her sleep in her own room in her barely touched big girl baby crib, but I was fearful. What if I couldn’t hear her crying over the whir of the fan? Would she think we abandoned her in a dark cave (since I hadn’t found the perfect nightlight)? Would her lack of sound mean she wasn’t safe? But the real fear was of losing the comfort that comes with having the most important people in my life within an arms reach.
Still, my fear and paranoia could not change the inevitable. Zoe had made it quite clear that she was ready to go. After 2 weeks of 4 a.m. crying sessions (from a baby who had slept through the night since 2.5 months), I started to get the gist. In fact, the first night that I placed her in her big girl baby crib she slept so soundly that the slightest “peep” would send Phil racing into her bedroom. I too woke up a few times just to check her breathing only to stop, drop and roll out of the room when she spied me. She was totally fine in her big girl baby crib.
She’s well-adjusted now, but I do miss her peering at me through the mesh siding of her co-sleeper. And I miss fake-sleeping when she’s obviously seen me turn over and lock eyes with her. I do have to walk a little bit further for the midnight check-ins, and I might not see her first smile of the day.
…But it sure is nice to get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning.
Sayonara co-sleeper…until next time!
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