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Professional Mommy Etiquette

By on Sep 6, 2011

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I just came across this article that I thought was so telling of professional corporate women and… professional Moms! It provided advice for how one should conduct themselves in the business world and tackled common place issues ranging from accepting recognition for a job well done to the oh so common “I’m not going to be your doormat anymore” stance that we all seem to take…and then fall back into.

In truth, the advice isn’t so new to me. I’d heard it before in varying forms, but what did stick with me is the recognition that I have brought some of the same sheepish behavior into motherhood! Yes, as a mother I’ve fallen into some of the same snafus that I fell into as a working professional. When I need a Mommy break, I don’t tell Phil exactly how I feel, I kind of hope that he will have the wherewithal to recognize that I’m worn out. And yes, I’ve made the “I’m on strike” threats that are quickly forgotten within the hour. And when people say that Zoe is such a good baby I respond by saying “she has a really good temperament, I got really lucky with her.” But the truth is that I’m super responsive to Zoe’s needs. I’m patient with her and we smile and laugh with each other throughout the day; she’s happy because I’m happy.
There are a ton of other faux pas that I’m not going to touch on because I’m sure you get where I’m going with this.
You see, being a Mommy is not so different from being a working professional. We’re executives and entrepreneurs in our own homes, and in some ways we should govern ourselves as such. From timely bill payments to shopping on a budget we’re demonstrating fiscal responsibility. From cooking healthy dinners to educating our babies we are engaging in corporate sustainability. And don’t get me going on branding…I truly pride myself on having a handsome looking family. I’m sure I could think of a million other parallels between Motherhood and the Corporate professional, but again..I’m sure you get where I’m going with this.
So Mommies out there, the next time you feel like your Mommy stardom is losing it’s shine, think on the advice below. It totally qualifies as all-purpose advice:
1. Accept recognition for a job well done
2. Be assertive and precise
3. Stop talking and start listening
4. No More Mrs. Nice Guy
5. View yourself as a leader
Mommyhood requires some of the same skills to be successful. We are the CEO’s of our families and I guarantee you that when we are not at our best the company stock certainly hits a low.
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