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Doggy BFF in the Making

By on Sep 1, 2011

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Lately I’ve been coming home and finding Zoe’s stuffed animals strewn about the living room floor.

At first it was Pilar, the caterpillar and then another day it was Pilar II in addition to little orphan Annie, and then in a final ditch effort to let Zoe know who’s boss, PJ Peabody openly chewed her toys while she flailed about helplessly less than a snout away.

It’s true that I haven’t mentioned PJ in my previous posts. I’ve been so consumed with Zoe’s development that I haven’t been paying as close attention to the older sibling in the family…our pooch, PJ Peabody. Since Zoe’s arrival he’s been sniffing out the scene (with her in it). Occasionally I’ll find him sniffing her during tummy time or sitting at her feet when she’s in her swing or her jumper. If anyone were to hold her besides me or Papa Nevels, he’s right there sitting on their toes and peeking out the corner of his eye. He’s slowly trying to understand the role of this new creature that has both Mama, Papa and every new face under her spell.

Now to understand the magnitude of the shift in PJ’s life, you gotta understand the relationship that he used to have with Papa Nevels. The two of them would take long walks around the neighborhood to check out the homes and share their hopes and dreams of green grass and backyard fun, but now PJ’s lucky if he can complete duties #1 and #2 in 10 seconds flat. Their late afternoon naps when he’d curl up next to Phil on the sofa have been replaced with Zoe cooing and laughing in Phil’s arms. And finally, the surplus of doggie food and snacks that we always kept on hand had finally dwindled so low that we had to ration out 1 day worth of servings over a 3 day period (which requires an entirely different blog post to explain). So of course the Peejster is fed up!

His final stand was to rally up Zoe’s toy’s and start chewing. “I too am a part of this family [crunch], and I demand rubs too [rip].”

I know I’m a part of the problem too. I haven’t been nearly the 2nd in command BFF that I used to be for PJ, but I’m hoping to make it up to him. I’ve started giving him more treats and more rubs, but most importantly, I’m encouraging Zoe to start crawling soon; that’ll give him a run for his money.

He’ll soon have the ultimate BFF… and there’ll be no escaping it!

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