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"It’s All About Our Love…

By on Aug 4, 2011

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…So shall it be forever.” ~Sade

Tuesday Phil and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and I’m still on cloud 9!
Phil took the day off of work and I took a day off from my Mommy Meet-up groups. We woke up all smiles with dashes of hugs and kisses in the mix. I spent the morning dancing around the house making an Anniversary playlist from itunes while Phil occasionally would slide Zoe’s chubby feet across the coffee table in perfect James Brown fashion. We went out in the extreme Chicago heat for a fabulous lunch downtown and then found ourselves running back home for air conditioning shortly after. We exchanged gifts and then Phil and the Zo-ster napped (because he’s getting old and she’s too young to hang in there), while I chatted it up on Facebook. Later that day we had a lovely dinner, compliments of a June Groupon purchase, while Grandma kept Zoe for the evening. And THEN after dinner we scooped Zoe up from Grannies and fled for home with a menacing thunderstorm on our heels. Phew, that was a mouthful!
Now, I know, I know, this might not sound terribly exciting to you. It’s true we’re total normies! After all, we didn’t cruise the Mediterranean or hop a flight to Europe. There wasn’t an exchange of diamonds or any new cars with big red bows, but I genuinely enjoyed our day together. My hubby still makes me laugh with his dry humor and he still cracks his sheepish smile when he thinks I’m acting a total buffoon in public. We can still talk to each other about anything and he’ll still open the car door for me on special occasions (smile). I loved every second of our time together…including when he told me I was no longer allowed to fuss for the rest of the day!
It’s true that our relationship requires a lot of work, just like any other relationship, but what makes our relationship fly is our willingness to work at making it work. Yes, a good relationship requires that you are willing to work at it. Even if one of you is 98.9% right all the time (which is usually me…wink, wink), compromise is a requirement.
Now, I’m all about women’s lib and equal partnerships, but a relationship will always have it’s ebbs and flows in which one of you must compensate for the other and vice versa. A few weeks ago during church service the speaker of the day quoted a passage from the bible that said “A wise woman builds up her house, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” This of course can apply to both genders because it speaks to a very human flaw; sometimes, we let our own hang-ups ruin our blessings. It’s so true!
I looked at my own behavior in my marriage in which I fussed about cleanliness, garbage removal and other daily tasks that in the grand picture, do not make a happy home. BUT what does make a happy home is that my husband is loving, kind, accepting, hardworking and an excellent father (I hope he doesn’t read this otherwise he’ll never do anything else around the house!). It’s easy for me to do some of those menial household tasks because I know that his #1 priority is in line with mine…keeping our family afloat.
So for the sake of sounding too preachy, I’ll stop here. I just wanted to say that from here on out, my goal is to not sweat the small stuff and to just see the good in my Man. He gets an A+++++ for effort in my book and a successful execution of anything is just icing on the cake. I’d be foolish not to take notice.
So to the husbands and wives and all the folks in committed relationships out there I ask you, are you building your house or tearing it down… brick…by…brick?
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